All of the potential of who we can become can be found in our souls.
Lately, people are willing to delve into their inner selves.

Thanks to technology, most people have had access to more information about holistic therapies, books, and documentaries with deeper topics, and among that information, they have surely read about yoga.

I would love to share a little about what yoga is from my personal experience, since yoga is a deep sea of infinite wisdom that to date I continue to deepen, learn, and put into practice. If it resonates with you, I invite you to go deeper into this wonderful path.

The Original Yoga

In the West, we know yoga through asanas (postures). However, that is only a very small part of what this supreme science of yoga is. History points to India as the cradle of yoga since approximately 4500 BC, and here in the West it is only 150 years old. It became popular about 40 years ago, but yoga is a tradition that has had an eternity of development.

The ancient yogis “landed” yoga on this physical plane through different beings. The teaching was of direct oral transmission from the master to the disciple, the yogi begins by listening to his guru. That oral transmission carries the vibration of a sound in the words of the guru, a vibration in the form of a code full of great purity, which the yogi began to discover within himself through practice.

The teaching had a lot of depth because it transmitted the sincere soul of a teacher who wanted to guide his students towards the realization of the BEING, thus maintaining the essence of the message without distorting it. That oral knowledge began to be written, and thus we came to have the Vedic texts written by authorized persons in order to protect the essence of knowledge.

Yoga was separated and divided from its traditional philosophy to be more accessible.

So what is yoga?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience through a vehicle called the physical body, which in yoga philosophy is considered the instrument to achieve fulfillment since the mission is to know the BEING on this physical plane through this human body.

Yoga is the union of the individual soul with the universal soul. Therefore, yoga is a process to achieve the realization of human existence. Yoga is a path to reach the soul, because in the soul is where the fullness is found, the essence of who we are is found.

Why do we feel unhappy sometimes? Because we base our happiness on the external, on the material. We do not keep in mind that our essence is of divine origin, eternal, and nothing that is temporary could satisfy my soul. We have to give the soul the food that is of its own nature. It does not matter that you enjoy all the material wealth; nothing lasts forever, and when you no longer have it, you will suffer.

The yogi seeks fulfillment.

The work of yoga is to awaken our original identity, calming all these patterns of the mind with which I have identified since I was born: my religion, my nationality, my beliefs, etc., to remove that illusory veil of matter that keeps us in the ignorance of what we are and that only distorts the path to our soul. If I continue to limit myself to belief that I am just this physical body with this personality and when I die, I will cease to exist, then, I will continue to be trapped in fear, stopping looking for a full life.

The fullness comes from the connection with the source. The yogi constantly seeks that fullness. And you know what? Absolutely all of us can achieve that full life. A constant, deep, and conscious practice of yoga would help me on that path towards fulfillment. If I can go deeper into my asana practice, it will have a much deeper benefit.

When performing the asana technique (a posture), we are performing a physical action that needs knowledge to achieve: from breathing, how to get in, how to get out, etc. In each of these postures, I need to link with my mind to perceive what happens during that posture without judging myself, meditate on it to connect with it, and thus be able to absorb the energy and wisdom of that asana. So that my practice is free from the ego, I offer it as an offering in love.

The physical body has limitations, but the soul does not.

Yoga is for the soul, not for the body.

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, religion, complexion, gender, etc. As you can see, yoga is for the soul, not for the body. The body is temporary, the soul is eternal. The soul detaches itself from the physical body with death and continues its evolutionary path on other dimensions.

Leave the idea that yoga’s goal is to achieve a beautiful posture just because you see it on the networks. It is not about connecting with the ego, it is about connecting with my higher self.

A yoghi is someone who seeks to reconnect with their true self, and yoga is the means by which they do so.

I invite you to delve into this science.

“The goal of yoga science is to calm the mind, that without distortion it may hear the infallible counsel of the Inner Voice.” – Paramahansa Yogananda.


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