Do you want to get sick? So, learn to interpret things.

The mind directs the body; everything we think deeply affects the physical body as well as the emotions. Words not only represent but also create reality. Words manifest our thoughts, and our thoughts become reality.  The person who always complains of feeling bad will end up contracting the disease.

One of the biggest problems that human beings have in life is that they spend it interpreting things or situations that happen to us. Unconsciously, we are creating many things in our lives and most of them are thanks to the interpretation of our minds. Because of this, internal obstacles are formed that do not allow us to move forward. As we know, all growth leads to change or a personal transformation. These obstacles almost always sabotage us until we get sick; after all, the disease is a warning that something is going on within us that we aren’t aware of.

Let’s give an example of a situation: you are at work very focused on what you do, and suddenly you receive an email from your boss telling you that he wants to talk to you. Here I open a parenthesis: When we interpret something, we immediately put a feeling into it, and what makes us sick is that feeling with which the situation loads. If I decided to change the feeling, I wouldn’t get sick.

OK, continuing with this example, after reading your boss’s email, several thoughts went through your mind until you got to ‘what if he fires me?’, starting to create a mental story with those internal obstacles that you already have, adding the feeling of fear. Here are two things that can happen: One, we can somatize, taking it to an organ of our body; or two, we can blame someone.

We wouldn’t have any problems if we learned to stop there and not interpret things. Remember that experiences are neutral. What makes an experience positive or negative is not the complete action but the interpretation we give to it.

Similar events from the past

When an event occurs, my mind immediately travels to the past to look for similar elements to this situation, so if I put fear in the situation in the previous example, it is because I had to live through a similar event in the past where someone received a similar message and it turned out that this message was to terminate their services in the company and you had to witness the suffering.

On the other hand, when someone else receives the same message and decides to interpret it in a different way (“before he fires me, I’m going to tell him that I did not agree with this and this, and he has the fault of this”), that person decides to blame someone else, in this case, the boss, and maybe this person would not get sick, but it would create a problem with the boss at the moment of starting to complain. All this for having made the decision to interpret something.

Why do we like to suffer?

The question is: why do we like to suffer? You may be thinking: I don’t like to suffer. Nobody does!

In this same example, the ideal and most logical thing to do is just to think, “I received an email from my boss saying that he wants to talk to me.” But what do we do? We start to invent a story to which we add fear and a lot of stress, and when I see my boss, I already have all the fear and stress in the world just because of the interpretation I gave to his email.

Why does stress make us sick? Let’s remember that stress is the reaction we have to aggression that we think we can’t handle. It can be physical or emotional. We have to pay attention to what is happening.

Take the responsibility of your own life

The key to having a healthy life is knowing how to interpret things in our favor. Situations will always happen, they will always be there, and if we do not want to suffer, we must learn to interpret things.  When we get sick, we tend to blame life, God, the universe, and we still add an extra drama: “Why me?” If I get sick, it is because unconsciously I put that disease on myself, and just as I put it on, I can remove it myself.

Illness is a kind of purge; it helps us get rid of everything we carry inside. Surely you will ask yourself: how is it possible that I want to get a disease? That does not sound logical.

The question here would be: if our essence is of divine origin, and we are part of an infinite cosmic consciousness whose powerful energy is love, or if God is love, how is it possible that love can give us a disease in life? We have to start taking responsibility for ourselves.

The disease always speaks to us. Let’s learn to listen to what it wants to tell me in order to work on it.

There are no facts, only interpretations – Friedrich Nietzsche



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