The purpose of spiritual intelligence is to give us a sense of transcendence.
Knowing our inner world

The human being is aware of his biological finitude. However, seeks transcendent being in his holistic integrity. Spiritual intelligence refers to humans’ ability to question their own existence, recognize their presence and purpose in the universe, and still wonder about the meaning of life and death. Spiritual intelligence gives us a sense of life that goes beyond materialism.

Viktor Frankl said that transcendence is rooted in our spirituality, and spirituality is the part of humanity that separates us from all other species. Its that place where we can feel satisfied to have found our meaning in this difficult reality, a goal that can be achieved through inner calm and balance.

We have already talked about emotional intelligence and its ability to recognize and express our own feelings and those of others. Spiritual intelligence allows us to live from within, from our interiority, from that discovery and knowledge of ourselves, in order to experience the outside world on this physical plane.

Knowing our inner world helps us to transform the perception of our outer world because it gives us the ability to answer questions that will give meaning to our existence. Questions like: what is my purpose or mission in life? How to achieve my own happiness by making a decision for my own peace and harmony? And the one I consider is important to reflect on much more deeply: how do you conceive of death?

Spiritual intelligence doesn’t always have to be linked to religions.

Whether or not you practice any religion, the important thing is to go on an inner journey to discover and connect with your self. You will be able to lead a life filled with love and union with all sentient beings.

We all have spiritual intelligence. Some people try hard to appear superior to others. This is due to the impact of the ego, also known as spiritual materialism. Spiritual intelligence does not want someone who uses Buddhism, mindfulness, or yoga as a means to self-realization by following their teachings as a recipe to feed oneself. Spiritual intelligence does not aspire to that type of self-realization where everything we learn is reversed into oneself. Spiritual intelligence does not seek to feed the ego but to find a vital purpose to be in harmony with oneself and in this way, connect from empathy to give the best to their environment.

Spiritual intelligence can be obscured by the veils of the ego, which only serve to separate one from their own essence and from others. This can be seen when a person drifts away from their true identity and purpose, acts based on self-deception, is still consumed by anger, fear, and envy, and is overly concerned with how other people perceive them.

When your spiritual intelligence is high, you have the ability to be flexible; you have a high level of self-awareness; you have the ability to face and transcend pain, something that we often avoid; you can see the relationship between things and not see them in an isolated way; you look for answers to the whys, among other things.

How can we raise our spiritual intelligence?

Understanding our motivations is crucial. We must examine our motivations for doing or possessing something and ask ourselves if they line up with our core.

  • Develop self-awareness, understand your own values and beliefs, which are what define you.
  • Observe yourself, discover yourself, and get to know yourself. Meditation and conscious observation, for example, can support you in this aspect.
  • Learn to be receptive to what surrounds you through inner calm, maintaining that balance free of fears, obsessive thoughts, or worries.
  • Assume the responsibility that you have for yourself. You are the one who decides what to think and feel and how to act in every situation you face in life.
  • Act on your own principles and assume the consequences.
  • Open yourself to experiencing life when you are willing to live your days with everything that they will offer you, knowing that everything that is shown to you is for your own learning.
  • Cultivate compassion and empathy, value people for who they are, accept what makes you different, develop your resilience.

Remember, nothing can be more relevant to the human being who finds a vital purpose and to be faithful to that goal, and above all, to be congruent with one’s own beliefs.

When emotional intelligence merges with spiritual intelligence, human nature is transformed. – Deepak Chopra

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