We are large electromagnetic antennas that emit light, but we can also receive it, either positive or negative, depending on what frequency we are vibrating at.
We all absorb energy.

Tesla says that we are electromagnetic beings composed of rapidly vibrating cells that constantly connect and exchange energy, both sending and absorbing it. The higher the vibration, the greater the magnetism. The stronger my vibration is, compared to a magnet, the stronger my magnetism will be and the more energy I can manifest.

If we are in high positive frequencies, it will be very difficult for a low vibration energy to affect us because our cells are receiving that positive light and that will make us generate light around us. It is like when they tell you to look at that person, she is radiating light because she feels happy and positive, so when one radiates light, it begins to infect the people around her.

That is why one must protect herself from those called energy vampires who come to take it away, because we all absorb energy. Has it happened to you that when you arrive at a place, you feel how tense the vibration is, and then your head hurts? One manages to infect what one captures because certain energies also dislike us.

But what is a vibration and what is a frequency?

A vibration is the transmission of waves of energy and can be considered an oscillation or repetitive movement. A frequency is the number of times a wave of energy oscillates (boosts and falls) during one second and is measured in Hertz or Hertz (Hz). Basically, the frequency is the “music” in which the atoms of matter move.

The universe does not give us what we want but what we vibrate… the universal law says that when you change your vibration you will change the experience of your world.

Have you heard about the Map of the Scale of Consciousness? This graph is made by the renowned psychiatrist, writer and researcher David Hawkings, and he just calls it that because he relates everything to a feeling or a state of thought, this study explains how the different levels of consciousness correspond to certain emotions, certain filters of perception and certain energy levels.

The scale goes from 0, which corresponds to death, to 1,000, which corresponds to enlightenment. Through kinesiological tests (which is the scientific study of body movement), it was determined that the physical body is strengthened or weakened depending on the level at which we find ourselves, so the lower we are on the scale, the less energy we will have. For that reason The more negative thoughts and emotions we have, the more lack we will have, and the more diseases we will manifest in our physical bodies, which will give birth to biodecoding.

To give you an idea, Dr. Hawkins says that all levels below 200 ultimately destroy life in the individual and in society.

When meditating, a yogui, for example, can reach energetic logarithms ranging from 700 to 1000. A cheerful and optimistic person, the type of person who sees the bright side of everything, achieves 540 hertz; lovers, for example, generate 500 hertz.

When you are in a state of acceptance, something like when you say: “Well, no way I have to live like that”, “I don’t do it anymore” , “I leave it like that.” You are generating 350 hertz and each time, depending on how we vibrate low, we go. For example, going down the scale, when you do not forgive and when anger invades you, you are reaching values of 175 and 150 hertz, respectively, and from here, the disease processes would begin, because we have already dropped below the decisive level of 200 hertz, which is the threshold that divides the general areas between strength and power.

Below 200, we weaken and our body is more susceptible to diseases. As a curious fact, revenge and guilt “vibrate” at 20 and 30 respectively. These are the levels where death manifests itself, something to take into account.

When you live in revenge, when you do not forgive because you do not understand the true function of forgiveness, just because you think that forgiveness is validating, forgetting, or authorizing the circumstance, that is not forgiveness. Forgiveness is for you and for you alone. It is having the value of freeing that prisoner that you have imprisoned. When you don’t forgive, you are disintegrating. Remember that what you vibrate, you attract. 85% of humanity lives below the level of courage (200), so you have to be aware that you are at the level you are at. You can always ascend if you wish.

Therefore, vibration and frequency are very important issues in life because, literally, everything is energy. So vibrate high and always resonate at the frequency of love and abundance.

“Everything in life is vibration.” Albert Einstein



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