The purpose of death, among other things, is to provide meaning to life.
Yes, we’re all going to die one day.

Talking about death is difficult, especially for someone who tries to avoid doing so. If someone brings up the subject, they are often rejected as thinking it is impolite. The intention of reflecting on death with you is to ground and accept this idea that we all have in our minds, and nobody believes: “Yes, we are all going to die one day.” We think death is something that will never happen to us or that the time to leave is far away; life is lived without remembering the finitude we have.

Here in the West, death is still a taboo, something that is perceived as a defeat or a punishment. This thought comes from some belief systems that establish doctrines of a dogmatic nature. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, on the other hand, says that when we die, we leave everything we have. We can only take what we give with a good heart. Our subtle being (soul, mind) extends beyond the death of the physical body. This mental body continues in an intermediate state (known as bardo) until reborn or reincarnated in a new body.

The book symbolically describes how consciousness migrates when it separates from the physical body that dies and has projections of its own emotions or actions. This teaching tells us that life does not end at death but continues to be transformed following an endless chain of new rebirths, new deaths without beginning and without end.

We are all going to die one day. It is useless to be afraid of death.

Let’s give an example: we never feel sad at the prospect of losing consciousness of the physical body during our hours of sleep. On the contrary, we accept sleep as a state of freedom that many expect after a long and stressful day. That is the state of death: repose.

Nothing can destroy this eternal consciousness.

Imagine that we never had the experience of the death of the physical body. Despite getting older, imagine an existence without end, waking up every day knowing that there will always be a tomorrow where you will always be working, getting sick, healing, breathing. This might even be worse than passing away.

A life without an end would be unbearable, a life without meaning. For this reason, knowing that we are going to die one day makes us a commitment to ourselves. There are no second chances. Life is a play with a single function. For this reason, it is worth living. The people who are more aware of their own finitude are the ones who give themselves more to what fills them, objectives, dreams and goals.

Many people think that everything is over when they die. Others wonder if there is something after death. Both things are likely, but while that happens, what are you doing today that helps you represent the best of the character that you have had to play in this great play? Let’s analyze both cases:

  • Life ends when we die: Life ends when we die: : If life ends when we die, then this is over. There is nothing after. So based on this, ask yourself: what would you change in your life? Would you change your values? Would you be more violent? I don’t think so. You would continue living the life you have because that way you feel good. You always want to be calm and at peace with yourself.
  • There is life after death: reincarnation, the Divine Source, Cosmic Consciousness, God, Paradise as you conceive. If you are aware of who you really are, this awakening of consciousness helps you realize that your soul is an immortal entity who has come to this plane in a physical body that will eventually go away. However, the essence of the soul will never cease to exist.

Nothing can destroy this eternal consciousness. Therefore, one lives, enjoys, feels free from mental ties, and surrenders everything in this single act we had to develop on Earth. So, whether you think there is something after this incarnation or not, the decision is the same: live according to your own beliefs and values, with what makes us feel best and be good with ourselves.

Mortality is just a dream

In order to keep the soul and our being evolving, we chose to incarnate on Earth. We made the decision to join a physical body when we were conceived, and we also made the decision to leave it. Our will to be and to live is independent of our physical body. Death is the last decision we make while alive. Many do not want to die, it is understood, but this act of dying goes beyond something physiological.

The heart doesn’t stop by its own will. If someone kills us, there is no will to die either. The matter is subject to changes. The soul goes through changing experiences. These radical changes are called “death,” but death, or change of the physical form, does not alter the spiritual essence or destroy it. Dying not only makes sense, but it gives meaning to our lives. It is the peak of our own will, our freest act.

Mortality is just a dream. When we complete the learning that we all have, we will return to our origin. It is time to normalize death for what it is: a natural process of life, just as the birth of a new being is.

As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death. Leonardo Da Vinci

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