If we keep death in mind, we will understand what life means.
Everything that is born has to die.

Being able to face death is the most important lesson that life gives us. The moment of death is uncertain, but the truth of death is not. Everything that is born has to die, and yet we continue to refuse to accept it as a natural process of life.  The fear of death deteriorates our lives. Instead of allowing this to happen, it would be more beneficial to turn to it and discover that we can use it in our favor. This is because, by reflecting on it, we would allow ourselves to heal our wounds, change our behaviors, and give meaning to our lives.

Thinking about death will allow us to never forget that life is impermanent. Usually, we plan our lives; however, everything is constantly changing. When our plans change, our security vanishes because we are unprepared to deal with what is happening. If we want to have security in life, we have to prepare ourselves on a deeper level. We need to return to ourselves because the moment everything collapses around us, there will be something inside us that will keep us strong, and we will never know our wrath.

Life is impermanent.

Change allows us to stay alive and change. Life is impermanent.  Impermanence teaches us to detach ourselves from things, especially what causes us suffering and pain. We become so attached to our ideas, possessions, and people because of the false security of permanence that they cause us.  Until we accept that life is constantly changing and that impermanence is part of the nature of life, we will be able to feel how our attachments begin to soften until we can reinforce trust and peace.

People usually present death as a loss or a defeat. However, from the spiritual point of view, death is an opportunity to transform ourselves. Therefore, there is nothing to fear. When we accept death, we will understand that instead of losing something, what we actually do is gain it.

Finding meaning in death.

According to the concept you have about death, it will be the way in which you unfold in life.  If I find meaning in death, I can gain the freedom of a life free from suffering.

They don’t teach us to live. We limit ourselves to existing, filling ourselves with possessions and many masks that hide the inevitable: we avoid illness and pain, we do it out of fear. That’s why we live sick. We want to prolong youth as if it were just a physical body, and when we feel that death is near, we do not know what to do or how to understand it, because we were never taught all those tools that we already have included and that help us live a fuller life.

There is no education about it. Society is in charge of only showing us the ornaments to create an attachment to them. If we had an education based on the development of our powers and awareness, especially when we are most vulnerable, we would have a culture of peace and universal brotherhood.

How can we better face death?

Meditation is a necessary tool in life because it helps us to awaken and better understand the nature of our mind; it helps us to discover ourselves; and it helps us on that journey towards our being where we have the opportunity to know our true nature, find stability, and the confidence necessary to be able to have a good life and a good death.

The peace and tranquility that are achieved through the practice of meditation creates a mental environment in which we can clearly see death as something positive. We do not lose our loved ones with the illusion of death; we only integrate them into us.

“Life and Death are two ends of the same process and if you understand one end of the process, you also understand the other end”.- Buddhist Reflections on Death by V.F. Gunaratna



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