Death is constantly present in our lives.
Death is the very essence of life.

The beliefs we have about death say a lot about us. It depends on how we see it, It is how we will live. It is how we will forge our path. The concept of death clings to our lives, as a fact of pain and suffering. The subject of death is rejected by people since it causes a lot of fear and anxiety, but at the same time, it is known that sooner or later we are going to face it. It is something inevitable.

Death is the very essence of life. Although we don’t like to talk about it, we cannot deny that it is by our side and that we will meet face-to-face at some point. If we are not clear about what death is, we will continue to live in fear and suffering. If we open our minds to reflect on it, little by little, we will accept that death is part of my life.

Carl Jung said that death must be considered as a goal; avoiding it is to evade life and its purpose. Thinking that death is the end of everything causes anxiety and fear, so instead of looking forward, you remain immobile and stop living before your time. We want everything to be proven with scientific facts, and death is no exception. Science has done a lot of research on the matter where they propose several theories regarding the existence of life after death thanks to the study and analysis of the near-death experiences of some people, which we have talked about in previous episodes.

Sometimes we are aware of how fleeting life is and that nothing is permanent. Other times, we simply forget our finitude.

There is something beyond this physical plane.

It’s time to open the mind and accept the idea that death is a reality and cannot be denied. Kant said that every human being needs to believe in something to give meaning to their existence. We have all come to wonder if there is life after death, and although they deny it, deep down we think that there is something beyond this physical plane, an energy that transcends towards another dimension or reincarnation.

Most of the roadblocks in a person’s path are caused by uncertainty, a lack of confidence in knowing if his life is correct and if there is any kind of judgment for his actions.

What is in the afterlife?

What is there after the long journey we call life? Some ignore that inner voice that tells them that there is something beyond this physical plane and limit themselves only to following the rules that society imposes (or religion) on death. Nothing begins or ends in this life. Why do I say it? Because everything is energy, and science itself says so, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms. Death is what gives meaning to our lives and places us at the center of reflection on the nature of the soul.

However, the masks that we have acquired, together with the emotions and a long path of inherited beliefs, are the obstacles that prevent us from opening our perceptions. Death, in this way, can be conceived as a phase of rest and recovery before a new life, just as sleep prepares us for the activities of the next day.

It’s time to banish that erroneous belief we have about death to make our passage through this world and our return home easier.

Death is not overcome, only accepted.

If life is eternal and we put an end to our identity, ultimately, we are putting an end to our experience in this universe. Death is just a concept that, at some point in the history of humanity, was misunderstood due to the lack of connection with the higher plans of consciousness and that, over time, in a society with a closed mind, it was used to keep the collective consciousness submerged in the greatest fear that has ever existed: its death.

If we pay attention to our surroundings, we will realize that society revolves around an illusory aspect. If life is eternal, nothing ends. The best death teaching is the one that people who are about to die leave us because it reminds us that the only thing we have is the here and now, and we must live it to the fullest.

Death is not overcome, it is only accepted. Accepting death would be the way to learn to live life and make sense of today, which is the only thing we have. And of course, it also gives meaning to the end of our lives.

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ― Buddha


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