The death of a loved one is one of the most intense pains ever, but more than the loss, it is about learning to live with it and allowing ourselves to be happy again.
No one is immune to suffering

No one is immune to suffering; knowing how to deal with it makes us stronger when it comes to overcoming difficulties. The death of a loved one has an impact on our lives, causing many changes on an emotional level, in health, and in our social environment.

Getting acquainted with a new life after a loss can take a long time. Sometimes it may seem that the pain will never end, but, even during that pain, you have to keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. Therefore, that pain will also pass. It may seem very hard, but it is possible to adjust to a life without your loved one.

The grieving experience of each person is a unique process. It can be a long and difficult process, but as time goes by, many people realize that the intensity of that grief is decreasing instead.

You may have surely heard something like “you should be over it by now” and there isn’t a set time to recover, so don’t feel pressured to get over the loss. The healthiest thing is to learn to live with our loss as best we can, in our own time and space, until grief is part of our path and we can permit ourselves to live again.

No one is immune to suffering. It is a reality from which we cannot escape. Why? Because life is uncertain, it is temporary, but change is fixed. Pain is not an obstacle; pain is the way. It is synonymous with change. Loss allows us to change.

Going through it allows us to reach the other side of the tunnel and see
the light again. And of course, after the loss of a loved one, changes may arise in several areas of our lives:

There will be people who don’t know how to get closer and choose to distance themselves or, on the contrary, get closer than ever.

Changes in routine and responsibilities: there may also be a change in the family economy if the loved one was the one who brought sustenance to the home. Priorities, interest in activities that were previously enjoyed, and possibly other interests will arrive.

And the one that is often most notorious: questions about religious or spiritual beliefs, the desire to find a meaning in life that often strengthens faith, because by wanting to find answers to all those questions (which are increasingly deepest) to find enlightened consolation and relieve pain, we begin to further expand our consciousness since, in the face of difficult life situations, we tend to reflect on our existence, thus managing to develop a heart that is wiser than our mind, and it is that we all face great changes such as aging, illness, or death, but the mind does not have to suffer that pain. By accepting reality without resistance, we free ourselves from suffering.

Grief is healthy

How could I cope with my loss? Grief is healthy, no matter how painful it is. If I allowed myself to experience all the feelings that arise from there, with freedom, without pressure, without judging myself, I could process and free myself from those intense emotions that I may always have with me in my own rhythm.

Each grief has its own process and its own time according to each person. Talking about the process also helps to release emotions and feelings. Many times, people around us think that because one shares these feelings of loss, they are obliged to give answers, and it is not like that. The mere fact of listening helps a lot.

Incorporating both physical and creative activities helps us cope with our feelings. Examples include art, music, reading, and walking, for example. Most importantly, seek forgiveness for any fact that has occurred with the loved one, whether we caused it or not. That’s how it had to be. That was part of the process.

Death ends a life not a relationship.

If we pay attention, we can have the ability to see them in our daily lives and understand that they will always be here: either in a sunset, in the song of the birds, or in the smile of our loved ones who are still on this planet, or in their smile, showing that love is infinite and eternal. Things are not as they seem.

What seems like the end is not. It is simply a way of relating differently to that loved one who has departed and who now experiences a wonderful peace and freedom in the universal cosmic consciousness. This life is not the end of existence; it is just a link in the eternal chain of your relationship with your loved ones.

When we graduate from this physical plane, we simply remove our human clothing to return to our original state.

If I can carry on my shoulders the weight of pain, suffering, and death, I will be able to find the last meaning that life can offer: to assume a destiny that cannot be avoided. Viktor Frankl

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