Each thought is supported by an emotion. Therefore, they have great power over our feelings, our health, and our actions, affecting the way we perceive, evaluate, and respond to the things around us.
Both energies

Thought is the product of our perception, of everything we believe. In fact, science says that when manifesting the first procreations of humanity, there was a high death rate because it was not known what kind of care they had to have. For example, with a newborn, they had to cover it so that it did not get cold. A baby is an easy prey item, and they used to be hunted by different animals, so when they lost it, they had a feeling of pain that was associated with the loss of something that one had manifested as a child. Then a pain was associated with that situation, so that it would be remembered that you could not leave him alone, unprotected, or else he would die.

Each thought is associated with an emotion, and when we associate the thought with the emotion, we generate a feeling, and that feeling is the most powerful thing that a human being can generate because it is a combination of both energies, and when we express it, imagine the impact it causes! At the moment of expressing it, I am reinforcing the vibratory power, making it bigger, and being the way in which we externalize that thought.


More than 500 emotions have been defined, which are divided into 4: Positive emotions include happiness, love, and so on. Negative emotions include sadness, anger, depression, fear, and panic. And ambiguous ones that can be classified as negative or positive, such as surprise and aesthetics, art, music, and cinema, for example, cause us these kinds of emotions. Well, an emotion is not negative because it is negative.  An emotion is going to be negative when it affects me.

We might think that there are emotions that are negative but have a positive effect, like in the case of Walt Disney when they kicked him out of a newspaper because they told him that he had no imagination. Instead of getting agitated, I channeled it in a positive way, creating all that empire that we already know.


I’d like to share an example with you that I find fascinating: Massuro Emoto’s studies of the hidden messages of water. He exposes the water in different containers and in each one with different words of love, hate, and music, such as Mozart’s Symphony or John Lennon’s Imagine, and to another he adds heavy metal. The result is very interesting, and Emoto confirms that human thoughts, words, and music influence us.

The photograph of the water molecule where it expressed positivism, such as the word “Thank you,” Mozart’s symphony, or Lennon’s Imagine, seemed like super cute and even bright snowflakes; on the other hand, with negative expressions, they looked dirty, lifeless, dry, etc.. and this makes us seriously reflect: if thought can do that with water, imagine what thought can do with us, since we are 70-80% water?

There is a phrase that I love: “We are what we think because we are the words that we pronounce in the silence of our intimacy”… After all, words are the food of the soul. Therefore, we must choose what we are going to think every day and let’s decide how we want it to be because your thoughts become your reality.  It is not a cliché of the new era but a scientific certainty.

Remember: What you think you feel, what you feel you vibrate, and what you vibrate you attract.

What we think, we become. – Buddha

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