In many ancient cultures, the beginning of time is told in the same way: with the visit of beings who came from the stars to coexist with humans.

Human beings are naturally curious, especially when mystery is involved. Often, this curiosity has led us to question the purpose of life or whether there is life after death, but there is one particular question that has generated concern for a long time, and that nowadays has resurfaced: are we alone in the Universe?

Nowadays, we are becoming more aware of the importance of this new era, where many changes and consciousness awakenings are emerging. It seems like there is more violence, but in reality, more people are awakening. Something that catches my attention is the number of sightings that have recently been made public. Even very important information about unidentified flying objects, or as they are now called UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) by its acronym in English, has been declassified.

Some may know that I have been following this topic since I can remember, and in this episode, I wanted to come and share another perspective on the origin of the human species on Earth. I don’t intend to hurt the sensitivity of those who are listening to me or to try to change their beliefs. In fact, don’t believe anything I say or what other people tell you without investigating thoroughly, especially those things that resonate with you, and draw your own conclusions.

If you stayed to listen to this episode, it’s probably because the topic caught your attention, or you are on that journey where you are looking for many answers to all those questions that have arisen in you to help you expand your consciousness even further. So welcome, and thank you for staying with me.

The awakening of human consciousness: exploring new perspectives

This new era has begun to touch many sensitive nerves in humanity. Surely you have noticed that many people, including yourself, have started to open their minds more on certain topics, for example, now there is more talk about the visit of beings from other planets. Personally, I began to analyze the situation that was previously denied and that to this day is still ridiculed to take away its importance.

In this day and age, it is already impossible to keep it anonymous, as every day there is more evidence that, indeed, we are not the only ones in this vast universe, and I dare to say that we are not the only ones of our species walking on this same planet. And like everything in the universe, it has an origin, so what is the origin of the human species?

We are eternal beings living a temporary human experience, but how was this perfect physical vehicle that I chose to move in this incarnation created? There are so many theories about this fact, and in my case, the theory that I share below is the one that resonates with me the most. This doesn’t mean that it’s true, but I wanted to share it with you because I feel that it’s not well known, and if it resonates with you, write to me at my email and tell me about it.

The origins of humanity: from evolution to ancient myths

There are stories about the origin of humanity that have changed from culture to culture, stories that range from Darwin’s famous evolutionary theories to the creationist stories of the Bible. However, there are certain characteristics that repeat in each of these stories, such as the myth of the first man and woman, the universal flood, etc. But among all these stories, there is a truly captivating one: that of the Sumerians.

The late researcher, Zacarias Stichin, was responsible for translating the Sumerian clay tablets, where he discovered that the tablets spoke of beings who arrived on Earth 445,000 years ago, originating from a planet called Nibiru. Those who came from the sky to Earth, better known as the Annunaki, (Annu means sky, Na means to descend, and Ki means Earth). Despite the discrediting of the stories told in the tablets, Sitchin was always convinced that everything recounted in them actually happened.

In Sitchin’s translation, these beings came to Earth in search of gold because their planet had collapsed, and their atmosphere was very worn out. This monoatomic gold could restore their atmosphere, which they could only find on Earth. Sitchin mentions that this monoatomic gold was also used to prolong the life of these beings by restoring the cells of their bodies; the activity of oxygenation of their cells was impeded, and that’s why they were able to live for a long time.

This cosmology talks about Annu, the leader of this civilization, and his two sons, Enlil and Enki, who were born to different mothers and constantly fought for their father’s approval. Enki was the genetic scientist and was sent to Earth to operate the underground gold extraction mines, setting up some bases in what we know today as Africa. After several failures, his military-minded brother Enlil was called in to help him.

Are We Descendants of Alien Beings?

Continuing with the translation of the Sumerian tablets, the Anunnaki settled in the Middle East, between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, where they established communication bases between Earth and the planet Nibiru. The workforce responsible for operating these mining bases were the Igigi, who later rebelled against the rule of Anu. The Igigi would become known as the infamous fallen angels. Due to the poor conditions in the mines, the Igigi demanded that they be closed, so Anu called for a council to reach an agreement. Enki offered to create a new being that could be used for gold extraction.

He had the idea of crossbreeding a hominid with Annunaki DNA, thus creating an almost perfect being called Adapa (known in the biblical text as Adam), and Enki became attached to this being and his descendants, teaching them agriculture, astronomy, astrology, etc. His devotion to humanity was such that his desire was to improve the quality of life on Earth. The humans multiplied and ended up working in the mines.

A Controversial Theory.

The story is much longer, but this is just a summary. There are many theories about our existence on Earth, and this story is ignored or invalidated by science. If accepted, the history of humanity would be different, starting with invalidating Darwin’s evolutionary theory and its baseless but blindly accepted foundations by the system.

Many scientists and archaeologists have tried to uncover the story, and Sumerian culture has provided important evidence about who the true creators of humanity were. Therefore, we are beings with cosmic consciousness, tested through free will on Earth. Is it worth delving deeper into the topic? I leave that up to your judgement.

The mind is like a parachute, it only works if we have it open. – Albert Einstein.


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