Each one of us came to this physical plane to fulfill a purpose, a life mission.

Our time on Earth is finite, so it is very important how we spend our time here. If we delve a little deeper to understand the true purpose of life, we will automatically direct all our efforts to creating a better existence in this world and those to come.

When we die, our physical life ends and stays on this physical plane, but our soul lives on forever. Living here on this planet is not only a physical experience; it also has a spiritual purpose. A human being has a physical life and a spiritual life.

The physical experience

For most of the people who live on this planet, their existence turns out to be somewhat monotonous and unsatisfactory, and that is that life can become a great adventure or an exhausting challenge.

How many times in life have we come to ask ourselves: “What am I in this world for? What is the purpose?” Each of us is responsible for constructing this meaning in a personal way. On the other hand, our ability to discover that purpose in life depends solely on us. Upon discovering it, we open the door to acting in full awareness of our power and capabilities.

Our purpose is linked to our desires, our vocation, and those things in which we have the greatest facility to create. It is our capacity for development and balance. The purpose of life is the intention and the meaning that each of us gives to our own existence.

The spiritual experience

The spirit understands what we really need and why we are here. Its purpose is basically to wake us up so we realize that we are precisely that: spirit, eternity. You can call it self-realization, awareness, or enlightenment.

All this leads us to understand that we are here not only to acquire but to give, and that everything we receive in life is a gift from the spirit that teaches us to be more loving and aware on Earth. Therefore, God wants us to live an abundant life, abundant in spiritual wisdom and knowledge. This includes love, patience, peace, respect, harmony, etc.

Despite the illusion that we are separate from the rest, we are all interconnected. When we become aware of this, we realize how important it is to take care of what happens to others, the planet, and everything around us.

It is not an easy task to love everyone and everything around us, but if we start by loving and caring for ourselves, we would already be contributing something very valuable to humanity, because that is where love, respect, and compassion would be born for all living forms on this physical plane, and that would indeed be a way to contribute. At the same time, it contributes to our own evolution by allowing us to continue our journey through this and other lives, which is why we are here.

Life guides us to fulfill the purpose.

Following our vocation towards some profession or activity can be our purpose. Life guides us towards its fulfillment, but we have to be open to listening to our inner voice.

If it is true that sooner or later we will fulfill our purpose, it is better to be alert and not to delay the process. This happens when we are not sure of ourselves, when we base our self-esteem on the opinions of others and do not listen to our own opinions, when we let ourselves be carried away by circumstances without having the strength to impose our wishes.

In these cases, we are only delaying our evolution by not acting according to what we believe, our abilities, our desires, our vocation, or, in a word, what we truly are.

We are pure potential.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is the way we live, the way we face life, and the paths we take to develop it. This is freedom for life; this is the pleasure and joy of living. Life is like a stage where the same work can be presented in millions of ways. Accepting this is also a way of freeing ourselves.

By knowing our purpose, we perceive that we are pure potential.We are aware of our power and we have no doubt that we will fail along the way, because we are simply feeling the voice of our interior, our being, which is where our essence resides.

Life guides us towards the fulfillment of our mission, and our mission is right there in the place where we are. Many times, we are not aware of the influence that our words or actions can have on someone. A phrase of comfort or help in the precise moment can be transcendental even if we do not notice it.

I would love to share with you a very beautiful statement from the Vedas regarding the purpose of our life: “I am the immeasurable power of everything that was, is, and will be.  My desires are like seeds left in the ground.  They wait for the right season and then spontaneously manifest into beautiful flowers and mighty trees, into enchanted gardens and magic forests”   

I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being. – HH Dalai Lama

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