Have you ever wondered how thoughts influence our health and our body?
The body speaks; it shows how we are inside.

One of the first things that reflect the inner state of a person is the eyes, which we are very used to accompanying with the phrase, “the mirror of the soul.” Eyes full of joy, life, and light are the identification of a healthy and coherent person, very coherent with himself.

The coherence or congruence is reflected in the physical body; the mind reflects it in the face, the head, the skin, etc. The inner inconsistency or insecurity in oneself is not only reflected in the pain of the physical body, irritations, etc., but it is also reflected in the physical posture, what we know as body language.

The body speaks; it shows how we are inside. Very rarely do we stop to think about the great impact that thoughts have on our bodies and our health. We are not aware of the great connection that exists between the body and the mind; we are not aware of how our thoughts and emotions influence our physical and emotional health.

The real mind is very powerful; it can lead us to a healthy or harmful life. But if we learn to identify how our body responds to different emotions, we can help ourselves to release them more easily, avoiding stress and all its consequences.

The mind is very powerful; it can lead us to a healthy or harmful life. But if we learn to identify how our body responds to different emotions, we can help ourselves to release them more easily, avoiding stress and all its consequences.

Feeling means that we are alive

The body is a system that works holistically; it receives and emits information from nature on a physical level (heat, cold, etc.), on a chemical level (food, cosmetics, etc.), on a biological level (bacteria, viruses), on an emotional level (rejection, anger, happiness, fear, etc), and all this information is processed to issue a result: what we are at every moment.

Everything in our lives is and will be the consequence of our past and present actions and what we do or fail to do. We tend to run away from pain, not only emotional but also physical.  Every day we hear about products that help us to end our ills without making any effort, but there is nothing wrong with feeling. Feeling means that we are alive and that there is something (good or bad) that we must attend to.

The problem is that we live a super-hurried and stress-filled life where the only thing we want is to quickly end the discomfort to continue our work. We see the symptom, but we do not delve into the reason why it appears. We do not take the time to analyze what is causing this sensation.

The cause of a disease.

Many of the diseases we suffer from are due to the information we receive from our bodies. Any discomfort or emotion that we do not know how to manage, understand, or accept can be the cause of a disease. Many factors intervene in them, mainly beliefs: I think the cold makes you sick; I think the flu is contagious; all of that can make me sick.

Let’s continue with the example of the flu. The flu is the first symptom of stress. Every time there is a change in our lives, our brain reacts, looking for how to protect itself.  People who have children may have noticed that within a week of their children entering school, they are experiencing a big change.

Well, the flu is frequently related to anger. So every time you get the flu, ask yourself what or who you are angry with. The flu can also be born after having experienced a great disappointment. In short, you should investigate what is happening around you.

While you are under tension and stress, the body protects itself. Everything on this physical plane has a vibration and the body knows that, so the body ‘cleanses’ itself of that energy, causing certain illnesses to get it out of the system. In this case, the flu or cold is a healing phase; appears when the conflict has already been resolved.

How can I learn to listen to my body?

While we are healthy, we do not pay attention to our bodies, our emotions, or our thoughts. When we are sick, we begin to live, to give meaning to life, because the disease itself, whatever it is, makes us more aware, because we want to get out of the disease.

When I see the disease as a friend that is telling me that there is something inside me that I must solve, I will be giving advantage to my healing. When I see the disease as an enemy, I will let myself be defeated by it without taking into account that when I vibrate low, all the systems of my body become more vulnerable, which makes the disease comfortable and continues its evolution.

The cure is to make us aware. This positions the disease or pathology in another frequency, and thus it is no longer necessary for it to manifest itself for us to “listen” to the body.

Although sometimes we can’t be aware of everything in life, at least listen to your body when it starts talking. What is it asking us to modify or change?

The causes of diseases, in most cases, are limiting beliefs and ideas. Our thoughts and the words we use when speaking create our experiences. If I am willing to work with my mind, I can cure anything.

‘Disease has a meaning; it is a biological programme for survival to remove stress resulting from conflicts that affect all living beings.’ Dr. Ryke Hamer.





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