Everything we experience, both externally and internally, is stored directly in our unconscious minds.

The power of the unconscious mind is enormous; it never sleeps and never rests.  The decisions that we have made in life are based on 5% of our conscious minds. The other 95% is filed in our unconscious mind.

That 95% is what most influences our lives, is how we begin to have certain behaviors and choose the things in our lives. From there is how the same situations that we experience appear. Knowing this allows us to take advantage of our unconscious.

Broadly speaking, the brain is a physical organ. The mind cannot be seen or touched; it is invisible, but that doesn’t mean it does not exist.  The neurons that we have in our brain are responsible for helping us make judgments, reason, and shape our feelings to understand reality.

Where would our unconscious be?

There really is no physical place for the unconscious, but rather it is an energetic field, a quantum field.

All information is stored in subatomic particles that science has called quanta. All quantum form an invisible field for physical eyes. That energetic field, loaded with a lot of information, begins to give shape to matter, to our physical body, to everything that surrounds.

If we look at this from a physical perspective, it can be said that all this information is what is in our cells, in our DNA. If we become aware of this point, we will realize why and how certain things happen to us.

This process of recognition is an internal process where we begin to find information not only about storing things that are shaping our current life with what happened to us yesterday or 10 years ago, but also about storing experiences of what happened in other lives, and not only in other lives, but also what happened in a family clan.

Why? Because of the DNA. Remember, all this is in the DNA. We will go deeper into this topic.

The unconscious is in charge of our bodies and our behaviors.

We are not aware of our behavior and our emotions. Everything that has created an emotional impact in my life, whether positive or negative, is stored in us.  Negative things have the greatest impact on us, and most of us remember negative events more vividly.

When we realize that we are keeping inside of us all of the information that we receive and that the information that affects our lives is the one with the greatest emotional impact, then is when we begin to be aware of what we have to do to save good information.

How can we store positive information?

Human beings make decisions according to our level of consciousness that is based on what is in our unconscious, according to those beliefs that we already have installed there. How could we begin to change those patterns that are already integrated there? I awaken my dormant consciousness and become conscious of my BEING.

The unconscious mind is the link that connects us to the infinite intelligence that already lives within us. It is difficult to awaken the conscience, to recognize that we are unaware of our surroundings.

Let’s take food as an example. We are not aware of what we eat; we do not smell it, we do not see colors, we do not feel the pleasure that food causes, we do not enjoy it; we just sit down and eat it automatically.   If we learned to focus our attention on what we are doing, our unconscious could connect more with that feeling of enjoyment and this is how we could store positive information.

The unconscious lives in the here and now.

When we experience a hard situation in our lives, for example, the day I was violently robbed, whether that happened a day ago, 4 years ago or 20 years ago, if I keep bringing it into my life, every day that I remember it, I will continue to live that same traumatic experience over and over again.  That means they are robbing me with violence again.

If we manage to understand that we must be conscious, awake, and alert to know what information we receive and what not, we will begin to be responsible for our lives.  The idea here is not to fight with the fact that I have experienced a hard situation, but to see what I am going to do from now on.

We must be clear that the unconscious lives in the here and now, and we, as human beings, are not living in the eternal present; we are suffering from a past that has passed or from a future that does not even exist.

If I learn to live here and now, I will be awake, conscious and if I get information about these events that happened, I will have the power to decide if I continue to feed those painful moments or not. I have to learn that the unconscious is the way I can turn my desires into something material.

The facts cannot be changed, but I can change their interpretation. If I am stuck in that painful moment and if I really want to heal it, then it is time to become aware and decide if I want to stay there all my life or I want to change it.

Just be careful with the EGO.

The unconscious is at our disposal. The whole day is working on the here and now. If we keep the conscious mind focused on the positive, on what I find myself doing, focusing attention on thoughts that feed on my essence, the unconscious will give us what we ask for.

The unconscious is like a great library with many books, and the information that I ask for is the information that it gives to my body, and my body, based on that information, tells me how to act.

Do you know who knows all that information? The Ego.

The ego is the one who tells the body what to do and how to react according to the information. We have to know how to control the ego so that it gives us the information without telling our bodies what to do.

Things happen thanks to the ego. It is impossible to live without it. They happen because if nothing happened, we would have nothing to heal. But if I stay anchored in the pain, saying that I CANNOT live without that person who has already left, I will be feeding my suffering more, or we want to forget that situation that has caused us so much pain.  It is impossible to forget an event that has marked our lives unless we have amnesia; otherwise, it is impossible.

We have to understand that we don’t want to forget; we simply want to remember without pain. Remember, guilt and fear block us, but if we begin to become aware of every painful event that happens to us, we will have the ability to go find the root of that event, so we can remove the cause, and removing the cause will remove the effect.

There are many techniques that help us work with the unconscious. And if all this information has resonated with you, don’t hesitate to go deeper. Remember that the mind is there to fulfill all our desires.

If you need support to start that internal journey, do not hesitate to contact me at my email address, vero@radionecta.com.

Your worst enemy will always be your mind, not only because it is the one who knows your weaknesses, but it is the one who creates them.


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