Our thoughts condition our state of mental health. My reality is created by the habit that generates certain types of thoughts and the resistance to change.

We have accepted as “real” something that we do not know and that is in our minds because “it is like that and in no other way” and we will be the external reflection of what we carry inside. If in our interior we believe that what is real “is like that,” then we accept it and adopt it as absolute truth.

There is no “outside reality” disconnected from the “inside reality”

I once read that the brain processes 400,000 billion bits per second, but we are only aware of 2 thousand bits of information, so consciousness is what interests us about the environment, the body, and the mind. The brain records what it has the ability to see and retains only what it has seen; people retain only what they know. ”

When we see something over and over and over again that we did not know before, we recently acquired the ability to retain in our brain and assume what we see as a reality, and if we also transmit that reality, it gains credibility in your environment because “that’s the way it is.”

The brain cannot distinguish between what happens inside and what happens outside. There is no “out there” independent of what happens “in here”. There is no “outside reality” disconnected from the “inside reality”. This means that there is no reality outside of us; we do not actually interact with it. The only reality we really live with is that which is created by our brain based on our thoughts.

Thinking is like breathing

We live in such a condition in daily life that we are sure that this is our only reality and that we have no control or power to change it. We have been educated in generalizations and prejudices that make us move away from reality. Thinking is like breathing. We do it unconsciously without realizing it, but we cannot believe everything we think. Imagine that about 20% of our thoughts come true.

What we interpret about reality is what leads us to be so stable or unstable on an emotional level, even more than reality itself. What really creates anxiety and depression problems for us are the thoughts we have about ourselves and our experiences, and not the situation or circumstance itself.

The key to being able to change reality is to change our thoughts. A person who is capable of changing an irrational thought into a rational thought has great control over their emotions and is capable of making more convenient decisions.

It doesn’t matter how complex a circumstance is, be it dismissal from work or a love break, it won’t get better if I spend a lot of my thoughts on it. The event itself is not the cause of my emotional problems, but the way in which I interpret it. If I think in a clear and healthy way, even when I do not get what I want, any negative feelings that appear will not prevent me from achieving a new goal.

Have you heard of the quantum mind?

The interpretation of everything that happens to us, whether externally or internally, is greatly influenced by the beliefs that are rooted in our subconscious. Many of these beliefs are wrong and lead us to think, feel, and behave in a way that manages to block us and make us suffer.

We all have the ability to choose which illusions we feed; all living beings and everything around us, that which we believe to be reality, are made up of atoms, and a large portion of their interior is empty.  Everything physical in life is not composed of matter but of energy fields. Matter is more energy than particles. The atom is made up of more energy than material.

Where do I want to go with this?

Everything that exists in the physical universe is made of subatomic particles such as electrons (which is what surrounds the nucleus of the atom). They exist everywhere and nowhere until they are observed.

A person who observes the tiny particles of the atom affects the behavior of energy and matter. This has been verified thanks to the discoveries that many quantum physicists have made. Then, a particle cannot manifest itself in reality, in space-time as we know it, until it is observed.

Joe Dispenza states that “the mind determines the external experience. Everything comes down to energy fields because our thinking constantly alters our reality.” Thus, according to the author, “it is possible to change the circumstances of reality if we know how.”

If I can imagine a future event in my life based on my own desires, this reality already exists as a possibility in the quantum field waiting to be observed. I just have to be aware of the things that cause me blockages, that is, my limiting beliefs, and transform them.

“It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how things are in themselves”

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