Our words are decrees that manifest so that any idea, thought, or belief that we feel and express becomes real on the physical plane.
We are powerful beings.

Believe it or not, decreeing has powers because of the simple fact that each one of us is a powerful being. This is unlike mantras, which literally mean “tool for the mind,” which helps us to calm it down and reorder the mind. In the present moment, in addition to many other benefits, a decree confirms it to us before something happens. Whether you are aware of it or not, what you decree as true will manifest.

The power of the decree in what we express to other people and what we say about ourselves helps to impact the energy around us and, obviously, within us. If we say “I’m not,” “I can’t,” or “I don’t have,” consciously or unconsciously, we are obstructing our own inner power, setting unlimited energy in motion, making negative thoughts released without control, destroying anything. This shows us the enormous power that we have to order the way we want energy to act in our daily lives.

Metaphysics defines the decree as a prayer that helps reprogram our minds in order to achieve our desires, and its purpose is to transform the mental pattern that has been dominating the unconscious.

The truth is that we are not aware that when we speak, we decree the things that can happen to us, and on top of that, we are the ones who have the power to make everything that we verbally manifest come true.

That is why we must learn to speak to improve our lives and maintain a positive attitude in which our way of expressing ourselves is also reflected, as this spreads the energy that surrounds us, since we are ordering the universe to do things for us, whether they are positive or negative, as they want to vibrate, the universe will conspire to make it come true.

The decree is powerful.

So, if the decree is powerful, doing it out loud, with firmness and true conviction can make all our wishes come true for mental, emotional, and physical well-being, but also financially, professionally, and everything we need in our lives. That is why it is important to think about it positively, as if we already had it in our present, because the unconscious does not know the difference between the past, present, and future.

Whatever situation we face, it is possible that some memories of the past, hidden fears, beliefs, etc., surface, and that can be manifested through our way of expressing ourselves.

This is very important because if I believe what I see and experience, whatever it is, I’ll give you an example: if I go with a friend and tell him that I plan to travel to a certain country at the end of the month (in this example, there is no contingency) and he begins to tell me that this country is very dangerous, that something could happen to me, etc., if what he tells me begins to cause me any discomfort, my friend will be making me see a hidden fear that I did not allow myself to bring to light.

It is right there when I have to make the use of the decree conscious because at the moment of hearing that belief that limits me, my emotions would immediately accept it and start creating, so we must stay in the present to intervene in that emotion that that message has given us.

Can you believe it?

If we are used to thinking in one way, the decree comes to teach the brain to think differently.  We are energy, and we attract according to the frequency that we vibrate at.

The brain focuses on what we decree. So, taking the last example, if I start to direct my energy towards the “dangers I can face” when traveling to another country, according to what my friend told me, the same is going to be fulfilled. It is important to know that the unconscious does not understand a yes or a no.  Therefore, it doesn’t help at all to say, “the country I will travel to is not dangerous,” but it does help to say, “the country I will travel to is safe”, because in my world I am always under protection.”

Do you see the difference? So we have to be careful with what we receive from abroad as well as what we release so that it does not affect anything or anyone.

Remember, if you live from love, you will not have to be aware of what you or others say because you are only going to create harmony wherever you are.

Today I decree, here and now, for myself and for all humanity, an unlimited abundance of all good: health, money, love, success, and happiness.




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