Suggestions make our beliefs and expectations affect our perception.
We always use suggestions, either consciously or unconsciously.

Suggestions have always been used directly or indirectly. At some point, we have suggested or wanted to suggest someone do what we want. We have done it without being aware that we are performing hypnosis because the suggestion is the fundamental piece of hypnosis. Suggestion is a psychological process that allows the mind to be manipulated, either through techniques, an image, music, books, the media, a word, or a situation, thus having the ability to guide our ideas, emotions, or behaviors.

It has happened to all of us that after seeing shocking news on television or hearing something tragic that has happened to another person, we are terrified that it will happen to us. We think that the probability of the exact same thing happening to us is much greater than we think. Being negative is not the point; the point is about suggestions. Because of this, suggestions often have a significant influence on our actions and how we view the world. Naturally, this depends on the ability of each individual and how suggestible or manipulable they are.

A highly suggestible or manipulable person is easily swayed by what they hear on the news or hear from others. As we already know, the power of the mind is extraordinary, both for the positive and for the negative, and sometimes it does not allow us to function as we wish. This is thanks to the fact that the ideas have been implanted in us without our being aware of them.

Suggestions can make us change our habits.

Suggestion is associated with hypnosis but has been used in other areas outside the hypnotic state, like advertising that manages to manipulate our behavior for its own benefit. In fact, suggestion in hypnosis is used in a state of deep concentration, where through the induction of ideas, where content is introduced into the mind of a person without their being aware of it, behaviors can be modified.

The power of suggestion is so enormous that it can make us change our habits. For example, when you see on the news that someone has been mugged near the avenue where you normally go to work, you choose to deviate and take a different route. Or when you are at work and see your boss walking by, you immediately begin to act differently because you think your boss is watching you, starting to be more effective by doing all your work so much better. It also happens with certain amulets, the classic lucky charms, because we think this object will give us more capacity to carry out our objectives, and without it, we simply will not be able to achieve them. Interesting, right?

We can influence our own minds.

There are several types of suggestions; all of them achieve a change in the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of the person suggested. Currently, autosuggestion techniques are backed by science and are used in the field of mental health.

The ancient yogis, for example, discovered that the silent repetition of a phrase conditions our state of mind. We can influence our own minds. We have the power to modify and guide our own thoughts, our emotions, and our behavior in a positive direction. We all have the freedom to interpret things either positively or negatively, but if we identify that is what we want to change or what is the goal we want to achieve, we can work on the path that leads us to achieve it.

Self-statements motivate us to move toward our goals. If you keep repeating that “I can’t,” then you will never reach your goal, so remove the “no” and visualize yourself fulfilling your goal. But beware: it is pointless to repeat self-affirmations and visualize ourselves achieving our goals if we do not work to make them a reality. We must stay motivated and, above all, have healthy habits such as good sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, meditation, etc. Remember, the mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. What do you prefer?

Imagination is everything. It is the … It is the preview of life’s coming attractions – Albert Einstein.


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