Intention has incredible power… if we know how to use it well.
What is Intention?

Intention is something that affects our lives daily; it is what moves many of our actions. For example, if we want something, then our intention is to get it, right?

Surely it has happened to you that when you want something, you begin to see it everywhere, and although for many people it is a coincidence, the reality of things is that it is about your deepest desires and intentions.

An intention helps us create alternatives to get what we want and to improve aspects of our lives. We must bear in mind that with each decision we make and each action we carry out, an intention is being born.

Intention is born when we focus our mental energy on something, when we manage to connect with our environment, but to achieve this, we need to take into account more aspects so that it can work in our favor. When we focus on a goal, having it clear and from the intention of love, things manifest.

The Law of Intention and Desire

Deepak Chopra’s fifth law of success is the law of intention and desire. This law is based on the fact that energy and information exist everywhere in nature. Let’s remember that at the level of the quantum field there is energy and information.  Here I open a parenthesis to point out that the quantum field is just another way of calling the field of pure consciousness and pure potential, and intention and desire influence this quantum field.

This law manifests simply, effortlessly, based on one awareness of unique love. It is a very powerful law because it helps us manifest what we have always wanted and have always dreamed of, in the perfect way.

At some point in your life, everything you have today: work, partner, house, car, etc., was an intention, a wish that you had before. For example, the car that you have today, you may have seen it in some catalogs before until you found the one you had in mind.

Everything is always based on intention. This is not magic; it is simply our innate tool (the mind) that has been placed in the correct position to function with maximum efficiency, and therefore, it is not something that is done just once and that’s it. You have to use it constantly.

What is desire and what is intention?

Many times, we have the intention of doing something, but we desire the opposite. For example, I have the intention of being a better person, but deep down I want to continue doing something that goes against my self.

There must be a purpose for something to manifest in life: To serve others with love, never with the intention of harming anyone, as when out of anger you want something bad to happen to the person who has offended you, for example.

We have to take into account that everything in the universe is made of the same material, that is, of the same energy. When I have an intention (whatever it is), I am generating a vibration that is projected around me,.

How what we ask for is granted?

We must generate the intention without attachment to the result. This does not mean that we give up on the intention of fulfilling our wish. We do not give up the intention or the desire; we renounce interest in the result because we remember that attachment is based on fear and insecurity. Through detachment, many things can be achieved because detachment is based on the trust of my true inner being.

Intention and desire have always been present in our lives, but we don’t take the time to focus on what our intentions are in our lives. We can start by deciding what we want in order to know which direction to direct our energy. We must ask ourselves why we want what we want.

For example, maybe you have a dream of traveling the world, but why? What will traveling the world bring you? How will it make you feel? What do you want to accomplish or do with your life and how does this goal connect to that? Being clear about it gives power to the intention.

Once we are clear about what we want and why we want it, it will serve as the basis for visualizing it, since visualizing is like a map that shows us the path to where we have to go. This congruence activates the love towards my intention and the energy begins to flow. That is when we begin to manifest what we are asking for. If my desire is with the intention of showing others what I can do, it will never manifest itself and if it manifests, it will be from suffering.

When we act from love and from detachment, everything comes into our lives.

We have to be clear about what we want to happen in our lives, always from love and not from fear. As I said a moment ago, if we do it from attachment, we will be forcing something to happen every day, and there will be people who achieve what they want, yes or yes, but many times they get it loaded with stress and illness.

You have to learn to trust, to let go with confidence that everything that comes into your life will always be beneficial for you and those around you. When we act from love and from detachment, everything comes into our lives. Is important to be grateful for what we have now. We are opening the way for all our desires to manifest.

Intention is the real power behind desire – Deepak Chopra.



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