Life hurts, and sometimes it hits us against the ground so hard that it seems difficult to get back on our feet.

All of us, at some point in our lives, have gone through difficult times, and that is when we experience painful events. We go through emotional processes, and the pain that this generates represents what we did not expect to experience, but we must learn to cope with these processes if we want to be happy and learn from the experience. For this, we need a lot of strength to achieve it. Otherwise, that pain that has appeared will only consume us.

Pain and suffering are part of life.

Many people remain anchored in suffering, avoiding that process that leads us directly to acceptance. I mean that inner journey that helps us in our development. Both pain and suffering are part of life and staying fixed in pain is a personal decision, but it turns out that it is a bandage that is difficult to remove. The moment I decide to remove it, a panorama of full freedom appears.

Pain in the face of death or loss is universal, and it hurts a lot, but if we work on it, it has an expiration date. Pain affects us physically, emotionally, and mentally and lasts until the person can recover. In this sense, pain implies acceptance and being in contact with what we feel. Pain is proportional to the magnitude it has for us and to the event that produced it.

Suffering will keep us unbalanced

When we do not accept reality and want to continue with our lives is when suffering appears, and look here: suffering becomes much more intense than emotional pain, and this can last a lifetime, even if the situation that caused it has already passed. The suffering will keep us unbalanced by all the thoughts and emotions that arise from it, and all this can make us sick.

Managing emotional pain in a society that insists on avoiding it is not easy. Even though pain is part of life, we always try to hide it or turn it around for fear of suffering, and well, sometimes it is almost impossible to escape from it because our ego gets in the way.

I once read that 90% of people who experience a traumatic event and the pain that causes it are exposed to at least one factor identified as post-traumatic growth, and this occurs when the person accepts what happened and reconstructs their beliefs. Something like this happens when a person has to rebuild their house after an earthquake. After the painful event, we have the opportunity to think about how we want to rebuild our lives.

The things that happen to us, even the situations that cause us pain, deserve some gratitude because they are the root of our intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Pain can help us grow.

The pain and all those bitter experiences are foundations that help us build our personal growth in a profound way, and this promotes the development of resilience, since during this reconstruction process, we usually discover strengths that we did not know.Any loss can become an opportunity to grow, to lighten the load, and to let go of attachments. This new vision represents important challenges to adapt to the world.

Growth is produced by that fight that we maintain in the face of the new reality. It is crucial to accept situations that we can’t change.

At the end of the day, one learns about what is painful and what can cause suffering. On this path called life, we become aware that everything changes and that no matter how dark the night is, dawn always comes, and at this point, we begin to recognize all that strength we have in ourselves.

The attitude with which we face pain is the key to our evolution.

Pain is overcome when we have bravery to welcome it, when we accept its presence and deal with it. Pain, if we take it for what it is, an opportunity for deep growth, will help us learn and go deeper into ourselves.

Carl Jung said that it is not possible to awaken consciousness without pain. Growth often goes hand in hand with pain. Let’s learn to welcome our pain and give it the opportunity to deliver that message that we need at that moment to grow.

Pain is necessary in our lives to connect and empathize with others, to review ourselves internally, to close cycles, to learn from us and from those around us, to be more responsible, and above all, as I already mentioned, to evolve.

Pain makes man lucid and the world transparent. Pain opens perspectives to the bottom. ” – Viktor Frankl

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