The new age promises the world a golden age, a radiant future full of peace and harmony among humanity. To achieve it, everyone must analyze and develop a new art of living.
What is the New Age?

Is not easy to give a precise definition of what the New Age is. It is a spiritualist current that intends to push humanity towards a new consciousness and a new way of being spiritual. Is a combination of some Eastern traditions with Western ones.

New Age was born in California in the 70s and is already giving people a lot to talk about around the world, especially with everything we have been and continue to face since March 2020.  It has been a period of crisis for ideologies and religions, and it seems that the New Age will provide an answer to the existential anxieties that are experienced today.

A human being’s reconciliation with himself and with nature

The new era proposes a reconciliation of the human being with himself, with others, and with nature; a new way of life and philosophy defending the idea of universal consciousness; something that change the world.

In fact, the New Age is closely associated with Marilyn Ferguson’s book called “The Aquarian Conspiracy”, a fundamental text to understand a little more about this new age that is entering and that is indicated by astrology as the Age of Aquarius, which brings to the world a new energy, new frequency, and new vibration where brotherhood predominates and collective changes at the level of consciousness will bring a great awakening and with it the freedom of being, the material will be forgotten.

Age of Aquarius

It is said that with the arrival of the so-called age of Aquarius (The New Age), an era of world peace, well-being, and harmony has begun, leaving behind the age of Pisces (symbol of Jesus, Christianity) that would have evidenced 2000 years of conflicts and wars.

In this case, the new age promises decades of happiness for all humanity, with the condition that it prepares itself through a true liberation of the spirit, because the human being will not be able to reconcile with nature and the Cosmos without having previously done some work of introspection.

In short, only if we learn to know ourselves better can we transform ourselves and then transform the world. To save the planet, everyone must work on their own personal and spiritual growth.

This new age also proposes to eliminate all borders, starting with those that are inside us, trying to make the most of the capacities of our brain and not only that left hemisphere that corresponds to reason, which is the one that is most used in the West, neglecting the right hemisphere, that of emotions and feelings.

It is necessary to complement more techniques to break all those mental barriers that we have, such as esotericism, homeopathy, astral travel, astrology, reiki, acupuncture, visualization, clairvoyance, crystal healing, herbal medicine, metaphysics, etc.

Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism affirm that you can only be happy if you have inner peace and a calm mind. One of the most effective techniques is meditation, as well as reciting mantras, practicing yoga, and Tai Chi. All these help expand awareness.


On the other hand, since we are all a part of the divine light, the true religious experience is that of the DIVINE SELF, the SUPERIOR SELF, my inner Self. Therefore, the New Age explores each religion, each spirituality, and refers in the same way to shamanism, Catholicism, and Judaism.

Like Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, this mixture turns out to be more practical since each one identifies according to their needs and projects their individual aspirations into it. It is worth noting that New Age does not have a leader or guru, so it cannot be classified as a sect, despite the appearance of small groups where they organize spiritual development sessions, which would lead us to believe otherwise.

The New Ave sees “God” as pure energy, firmly believing in evolution and reincarnation.

We have considered ourselves human beings in search of a spiritual awakening when, in reality, we are spiritual beings trying to cope with a human awakening. If we see ourselves from the perspective of the inner spirit, it will help us to remember why we came to this physical plane.

People need to know that they have all the tools within themselves. Self-awareness, which means awareness of their body, awareness of their mental space, awareness of their relationships – not only with each other, but with life and the ecosystem. – Deepak Chopra

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