Each of the human beings that inhabit this plane has a unique and unrepeatable tone of voice, and it is proven that what you say and how you say it affects all the energy.
The “music” of speech.

I’d like to share with you something very interesting about the impact of our words and the way we express ourselves, according to a study conducted at Stanford University, where they began to measure the sound of our words and have defined the intonation of our voice as the “music” of speech. For example, we can notice the intonation we do when we confirm that we have repudiation for something.

Where am I going with all this? Because according to this study, the intonation of our voice is a reflection of our well-being that includes all aspects of our lives. That is, through what we say, we impact energy.

That is, if I arrive with you super sad and on edge from the tears, the wave energy, imagine that the wave energy is the same as the waves that are produced in a pond when we throw a stone, that wave energy becomes slower, heavier, and totally lowers the intensity of the vibration, and then it is like this, like my surroundings become sad and hence you also feel sad. The worrying thing is that I am releasing a low vibration energy, which in turn is going to attract more sadness, because our words are decrees that manifest.

The power of Mantra

About 20,000 years ago in India and other ancient peoples, some words were and continue to be considered sound formulas; that is, they have the power to transform us into more positive, pure, peaceful, healthy beings, especially in all world religions. With the famous mantras, for example, Tibetan Buddhism considers mantras to symbolize a part of enlightenment. So, every time a mantra is recited, it seeks to connect or identify with that part of the enlightened mind.

The Om Mani Padme Hum, for example, is associated with compassion. The first term of that phrase is “Om” and singing it purifies the mind and allows us to move away from the ego to get closer to divinity. In Hinduism, for example, this sound OM is related to Brahma, who is the creator god of the world. Accordingly, for the Hindus, the mantra would be “Hare Krishna” and they say that the more it is chanted, the more the problems of our life within the material world will be solved.

There is another mantra in the Catholic religion and others that is: Hallelujah, which would be the joy of praising God… and so each religion has its own mantra… all the religions of the world sing in their services and the vibrations have healing effects… The sound frequency of the intonation of these mantras can reduce stress levels and fill us with strength and energy, as confirmed by the University of Standford.

As you can see, in addition to the fact that words have great power, the vibration with which we launch them impacts even more. It is our responsibility how we say them. If you are going to share something nice or if you are going to curse, you don’t need to say much to cause a great impact. The important thing is how you vibrate it.

As long as you are vibrating it, it will continue to attract you. As has already been mentioned, it is scientifically proven.

“You are what you believe in. You become that which you believe you can become” ― Bhagavad Gita



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