Humanity is experiencing a unique and incomparable era. We are in a process of change in all aspects: political, social, religious, cultural, etc., but this time I will focus on the most important change we are experiencing: that of our inner being.

Oscar Wilde said: “What seems like a bitter test is often a blessing.” Half a year has passed since the confinement began, and the pandemic that has hit the world has set us great challenges, and since it is something that we do not change, then it channels us towards what we can: change our interior. Do you know why? Because you have two options: you see all this from a positive perspective or from a negative perspective. Just remember that nothing is positive or negative, it simply is what it is. The important thing is: how do you decide to take things.

Ready or not…

The Earth’s vibrational frequency is increasing. Every day it receives more and more intensely the photonic and plasmatic rays (you know, which would be high energy) coming from the Great Central Sun of Alcyon (located in the constellation of the Pleiades), which would be the heart of the universe. According to all the evidence that the great cultures left us, our solar system revolves around Alcion. Well, then, all this frequency is causing our Mother Earth to enter into a purification process through intense hurricanes, erupting volcanoes, floods, increasingly intense earthquakes, etc. This spiritual awakening is so accelerated in the human being that many of us are surely experiencing headaches, discomfort in the spine, hips, legs, general pain in general. It’s just part of the process, whether you are aware of it or not.

At this point, the human being has become more fragile and vulnerable in the face of the situation, and this has given us the opportunity to turn inward, giving us the opportunity to work on that point that many people have very much abandoned by focusing their attention on the external. At this point, one realizes that the depth of our being is much more valuable than any material possession you may have.

Spiritual growth is like a kind of internal force that activates our development as human beings in all areas of life because we manage to incorporate all those values that we have learned throughout our lives, such as tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, detachment, etc. We managed to transcend the ego to have a real transformation. Each one has his own time and rhythm of evolution, but once he enters that process, everything changes, or rather, everything improves.

We are in the future.

It is time to become aware of our true essence, our spiritual plane, and no, I am not referring to the religious issue, although I know that the fear that the situation that is experienced today has caused many to cling to their beliefs, which is fine, but more than that, it is about creating and having your own spiritual experience in this temporal plane for the simple fact that you are an eternal being that is an important part of this great universe.

The situation has made us aware of our health and we have taken care of ourselves much more than we used to, and this makes us, at the same time, take care of others. That little chain has spread thanks to that need to live better for oneself and for the family, and this is where one cultivates love, compassion, and respect for life. Then that is the beginning of the great leap towards your interior because, without being aware of it, you are already applying that spiritual growth… imagine if we did it consciously.

It is time to reconnect harmoniously with the depths of our being, with others, with nature, with universal energy, to remember our true essence and understand that we are more than a body, a mind, and emotions, that we are spiritual beings, eternal beings, beings of light, passing through a temporary human experience… human body, the physical, is the temple where our essence dwells. Therefore, be more aware of it and take care of it as you would take care of your own home.

How can you help in this process of change?

Drink a lot of water, connect with your positive thoughts, be grateful for everything you have in your life today, forgive, be happy, don’t get angry, be kind to others, learn to be compassionate with all forms of life and with yourself, obviously, flow with life, live here and now, and trust in the divine plan for humanity.

When you manage to get in tune with the vibration of the universe, you immediately vibrate in love, so give yourself the opportunity to cultivate your spiritual essence with love so that you can find additional strength and meaning in everything that you have to live.


Remember: you are a spiritual being in a physical body.


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