An experience is the meaning we assign to what happens to us.

Any sentient being on Earth who can learn from some experience, has in their hands a valuable lesson that will last a lifetime, and this is very important because our behavior is the result of a learning process. It varies greatly in each person because we are often unable to obtain a valid learning because everyone views and perceives reality differently depending on their perspective, personality, and level of consciousness.

Besides, no one experiments in someone else’s head because one’s own experience is the best way to learn. If we tried to learn from someone else’s experience, it would be useless because we would be learning from someone else’s experience.

Only through experience, accepting mistakes, etc., can we draw our conclusions and move on.

The key is self-knowledge

Learning helps us grow and move forward, and in this way, to be able to reflect on the failures that we have had and to be able to overcome them. Life is a path full of learning, the experience with which we interpret it will allow us to live it or not.

We are the result of our own emotions and attitudes. It is not easy to learn what happens to us because our mind sometimes doesn’t let us see the experience from the outside and analyze it objectively. We take everything so personally that we close the door to that experience that comes loaded with tremendous learning.

The key is to know oneself. The more I know myself, the greater the ability to optimize the process of learning from experience. If I know what I deserve, I will get the experience I need and watch out here: It is not about playing the victim saying “this is happening because of the way I am, and I deserve it.” No! It is about enriching the path, even if the experience has been painful, even if life challenges us with very painful events, the light always comes out for everyone. An experience is born from everything. The important thing is not to stop learning.

We have the right to be wrong

A person who knows himself and allows himself to learn will advance with great security in this step through life. You have to be open to everything: to explore, discover, fail, and get it right. As they say, you learn by trial and error, but always from your own experience.

You know what? We have the right to make mistakes, because that is the only way forward. If I’m not wrong, I’ll always be stuck in the same place without having explored and expanded my mind. Making mistakes is not a failure, as we have been taught in society, but rather a part of life, a lesson. It is part of who we are, and thanks to that, we build experiences that allow us to move forward in life.

Making Sense of Experience

If I want to continue with my evolutionary process successfully, I have to be open to failures that can get in the way, since that will strengthen my path. If we could see from the outside that painful experience that seems to have no end, we would be able to see that we are under a small black cloud and that the sunlight continues to shine around us, so we would understand that sooner or later that cloud will disappear, evaporate, and I will see the light again.

There is no reason to be afraid. Somehow, that black cloud is ourselves, telling us that we are not going to get out of this. We are boycotting all possibilities because pain is all we think we have. We think we will never recover from a breakup, love affair, the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a job. It is not like that. Of course, we all recover.

We have a kind of filter where all those lessons that we draw from each experience are formed. Although at the moment we do not see it, all those experiences, no matter how painful they are, in the end, have a sense. And this is to show us the reality that we must learn to continue on our way because experiences are an opportunity to grow.

We all act according to our level of consciousness, according to how we perceive reality and how we recognize ourselves in it. My consciousness would be what is behind any action that we perceive. Behind the interpretation that my mind is starting to materialize. The more I awake, the more I will be able to create the experience of each situation that happens to me from that level in which I find myself.

The only source of knowledge is experience. – Albert Einstein

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