The human body can regenerate itself from time to time. This ability does not depend on the age of the person.
The physical body not only feels but also thinks.

The ancestors of different cultures were aware that the physical body not only feels but also thinks. Reciprocity was always the goal of ancient knowledge. When someone felt hurt or ill in ancient cultures like the Australian tribes, the entire clan would gather to pray for forgiveness for the wound or the affected area, and the illness would instantly go into remission, resulting in a miraculous recovery.

In their healings, the Hawaiian priests known as Kahunas enter into prayer with the affected party to ask for forgiveness. In their healings, the Hawaiian priests known as Kahunas enter into prayer with the affected party to ask for forgiveness. This act involves them, the patient, and every life the patient has come into contact with or been engaged with, providing miraculous cures.

As we can see, the ancestors accepted the parts of our body as being completely intelligent and autonomous from the brain, which came to be considered as superstition.

But, what has science said about it?

Intelligence was previously thought to be exclusive to the brain, but in the mid-1980s, evidence of intelligence in the immune and digestive systems was discovered. Scientists have verified that several intelligence receptor types exist throughout the body, not just in brain cells.

When they began to study the cells of the immune system, specifically those that defend us against infections, cancer, etc., the scientists found receptors of the same type in the brain. This means that the cells of the immune system, those that protect us from infections and cancer, are literally monitoring our thoughts, feelings, and any desires or concepts we have. The cells of our immune system have thoughts, emotions, and desires. They also get excited and want things. Herein lies the root of the stress and illnesses we experience or, more accurately, the illnesses we cause ourselves.

The human body has the ability to regenerate, but we don’t know how to use it.

Did you know that our stomach and intestines regenerate every 5 days? Or that our liver regenerates every 100 or 400 days? If we want to regenerate some tissue, some bone or tendon, etc., we can help them stimulate their regenerative capacity.

Regeneration is a restoration process that the body activates naturally. Every day, large numbers of cells, tissues, and organs are repaired and regenerated without our knowledge, just as we are unaware when our nails grow, our skin changes, or our hair grows.  Every day, quantities of our cells, our tissues, and our organs are repaired and regenerated without notice, just as we don’t notice when our nails grow, our skin changes or our hair grows.

The human body can regenerate, but we do not know how to use it.It depends on the capacity of each one to be able to regenerate. The replacement of new cells in the body occurs from inside the bones to the skin. Each organ and part of the body has a special time for this reproduction. We know that the body keeps its regenerative function active all the time.

But, how can we activate cell regeneration to the maximum?

Some factors have a powerful influence on cell regeneration, for example, breathing, rest, and food. Foods that acidify the blood, like meat, dairy, flour, sugar, or pasta, obstruct the body’s potential for regeneration. For example, a person eats well, including fruits, seeds, salads, and all kinds of foods that give a good PH to the blood, in turn, this person is sedentary and doesn’t have good circulation or oxygenation, the good nutrition will be of little value because neither nutrients nor oxygen can be efficiently distributed throughout that body.

If you notice that you have a good diet but you don’t feel healthy, or your body looks listless and constantly gets sick, it’s because you don’t have good circulation. In addition to those already mentioned, circulation is a fundamental factor. By circulation, I do not only mean blood pressure or the body’s ability to remove toxins, both of which are greatly influenced by exercise and proper breathing, but also the movement of energy, which is a crucial and profound factor in the regeneration of tissues.

Since humans are a complete energy system, stress, worry, fear, anxiety, discouragement, or sadness can cause the body’s energy to become stuck or stop flowing. Exercise activates a large number of rejuvenating substances and, of course, endorphins that help us feel happier, healthier, and with less pain. People who practice yoga or some aerobic activity or with effective breathing always look more rejuvenated and with more strength, energy, and spirit.

Also, some active people who exercise can experience depression. This is a result of their inner stress. Relaxation is related to peace, and this happens when they feel safe or secure in their lives, when they trust and believe they are on the correct road, and when they appreciate and relinquish control without allowing fear to rule them. Rest regenerates all the organs of our body, and we never give it the importance it has.

Allow yourself to get great sleep since melatonin and growth hormone, which are essential for causing sleep and for the body’s cellular regeneration, are created while we sleep.

What kind of information are you sending to your cells?

The human body is younger than we think. It is capable of regenerating itself, and this capacity does not depend on the age of the person.  Before calling yourself old again, regardless of your age, ask yourself what kind of information you are sending to your cells and what you need to modify in your habits to get more strength and vitality.

The word regenerate means to generate again. To integrate this information into your life, start by generating new attitudes every day and learning new ways of living and seeing life. You can regenerate yourself day by day by breathing, resting, eating healthfully, focusing on what inspires you, meditating, and exercising. Your body, mind, emotions, and thoughts will be able to absorb all that knowledge and have a good impact on your own cell regeneration.

Our cells and we are both made of energy. Because of this, if we send a message to the brain in a certain way, the body can cure itself if we want it to. Our body’s defenses will be strengthened by reactivating the regeneration of our cells, which will strengthen our immune system. By focusing our energy in our body, returning to our inner surface, focusing at the level of our breathing, and becoming one with our cells and our vital functions, we will achieve calm and well-being. Our cells can be stimulated by the mind to either strengthen or regenerate us. Depending on the details we provide to them.

Every cell in your body reacts to everything your mind says. Negativity is one of the reasons that most weaken the immune system.


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