Science and spirituality are much more closely related than we can imagine.
They are both looking for the same things.

Far from those beliefs that we have had for a long time, there is a deep relationship between science and spirituality that has been overshadowed thanks to long-established dogmas that refer to the fact that, compatibility does not exist in this relationship. Because of this, this relationship has been affected by the ignorance of human beings. However, this relationship has much in common: both seek the same things, starting with liberation from suffering, as well as seeking to know the origin and place of the human being in the Cosmos.

For its part, science has made great progress in freeing human beings from suffering thanks to medicines that help improve their quality of life and prolong their time on Earth. It has also managed to discover the origin and place we occupy in the Cosmos, and yet, it has been used very badly, giving rise to what it has been preventing: suffering. And on the other hand, spirituality (and I mean that essence that we have as human beings, not religion) is what keeps us united with divinity. The deeper we delve into our interior, the more tools we will have to free ourselves from suffering, and in the same way, we will know our place on this plane as consciousness embodied on Earth.

However, today, and as I have mentioned in previous episodes, it seems that there is more violence, but in reality there are more people awaking. Many people continue trying to downplay the true essence of spirituality to the point of ridiculing it to continue maintaining control of humanity, because once awakened and freed from those illusory chains full of beliefs embedded for a long time, the history of humanity would be different. Think about it.

Both are essential for the development of the human being on this physical plane.

Science and spirituality are essential for the development of the human being on this physical plane, which is why they must generate the same harmony in us. As we know, all the atoms in our body are made of the same matter as in the universe. We are stardust. We are connected biologically with any form of life on Earth. We are energy that vibrates. Therefore, it’s important to maintain the harmony with which the universe works to flow fully with life. If we become aware of this connection, we can understand the great importance of acting positively towards ourselves and towards all sentient beings.

Quantum physics is responsible for delving a little deeper into each of them, thus creating a bridge that unites them perfectly. Quantum physics is the basis for understanding all the natural phenomena that occur in the universe and also for knowing more about our own nature. What we choose in life and the actions we take are what determine our reality. The actions are accompanied by thoughts and emotions, which are found in our unconscious, although we are not aware of them. For this reason, many of our behaviors come from the unconscious, which has a neutral impact, but according to our level of consciousness, we can qualify them as positive or negative. What quantum physics is showing us here is that, beyond everything tangible and material, there is energy, something that Buddhism is clear about, and one of the teachings of Buddha is that we are what we think.

All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we build the world. For some, it is still difficult for them to accept that the human mind is the one that controls the planet. The material mind is the result of thought. We are responsible for our evolution and, therefore, for this world.

The connection between science and spirituality promotes well-being.

Many people who claim to practice spirituality, many times, do not know the purpose or why they do it, which is an absurd behavior that has nothing to do with science or even with spirituality itself. Unfounded beliefs and blind faith go totally against the principles of science. Spirituality has been associated with religion, which implants many beliefs based on fear and separation, which is why this relationship, as I said at the beginning, is obscured by ignorance.

Spirituality’s objective is to achieve happiness and experience union with everything and all sentient beings. If my spiritual life is based on practice and verification of the knowledge that I obtain as my consciousness expands, I will be fully aware that happiness doesn’t come alone. I will also be clear that it is no use doing what someone else told me if I don’t understand the origin of my actions.

If we look around us, we can see that this world is governed by low levels of vibration caused by selfishness, ignorance, and desire, three causes of suffering. As a result, the connection that exists between science and spirituality allows us to promote well-being, always starting from the place occupied by our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. If I do not know myself well enough, I will not be able to achieve that balance that the spirit, energy, and matter need to fully experience the adventure called life.

Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality – Carl Sagan.



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