Are you one of those people who always finds a solution?
 Life is a continuous learning experience.

People who know there is a solution for everything do not feel intimidated in life since they focus all their efforts on finding it regardless of the situation they face.  These people know how to look for the positive in everything and learn from everything that happens. Taking advantage of a situation is nothing more than looking for what we can do to solve anything that happens instead of wasting time and energy lamenting the supposed “mistake” that we think we made.

It is necessary to learn how to analyze the situations we have in front of us. Each situation helps us grow stronger and safer. We are the ones who give it the label of good or bad, and yes, everything has a double meaning, or triple meaning. We have to know how to identify it and how to interpret it to take advantage of it. Remember that life is full of lessons and we have to be attentive to detect them and take the good from them.

Every situation is an act towards oneself.

The mind has a very important mission, which is to protect us. That’s why our reaction to each situation that happens to us is by instinct. Therefore, we have no idea that every experience we have is neutral, and what makes an experience positive or negative is not the complete action but the interpretation that we give to it. Let’s remember that each situation is an act towards oneself, and it would be best to see it from a neutral point of view and thus be able to determine the meaning that we want to give it. After all, I have the last word. I give meaning to the situation that happens to me.

I will give some examples: I got sick; they canceled an important meeting; I got a flat tire, etc. Everything happens for a reason, even if it sounds trite and we don’t get it. We have all been through situations that we classify as negative because we consider that they are difficult situations because of our mental instinct reactions. We believe that there is no solution, but the key is to learn to control our reactions and stay still to know how to analyze the situation.

How can we achieve it?

When confronted with a perceived problem, failure, or error, we must count to 100 or until we relax in order to reduce the anxiety that this situation generates. Take a deep breath and count until you calm down. It’s hard at first, but practice makes perfect, right?

Then comes something a bit more complicated to achieve: not mortifying yourself. We must focus on thinking about what we can do and not blame or regret what we might have done. It’s done, and the best we can do is learn and find a solution.

From here comes an important part: connecting with our creative part. This is what helps us find solutions, and the best thing is that we all have this ability to.  Creativity is not only found in art, as many times we associate it with it. It helps us resolve conflicts, so take your time and don’t try to find the solution at that moment, since the mind works better to solve problems or find solutions when it is not actively trying to solve them.  Moments of tranquility help us a lot in this appearance.

After the previous step, we have to connect with our critical part. This allows us to assess and consider whether the ideas that have emerged in our creative section are valid, viable, and adequate. Many people have a lot of practice in this area because we tend to criticize everything that is in front of us. This time, I am going to ask you to criticize but constructively, putting the pros and cons of the ideas or solutions of the creative part. Ok?

Well, in addition to the creative and critical parts, you also have to be practical. That means, you have to decide which of the solutions proposed by my creative part is the best, taking into account the comments of my critical part.

This is where the best solution is born.

Implementing your solution.

Something very important is TRUST! If someone else can do it, I can too! Remember that you are a wonderful human being and that all the information we need to get through life is within us. Whatever happens, one will always do the best one can, giving the best of oneself. Keep in mind that experience is gained through practice.

And finally, we must put the solution into practice and continue learning about ourselves and what surrounds us. All of this requires your full attention. It’s like when we start to learn to drive or cook; at first, it requires our full attention; later, we do it automatically. This process is the same. The situations that arise in life are the same. At first, it seems difficult, but once learned, it makes life much easier. Remember that no one was born teaching, if we had known before what we now know, this or that situation would not have happened to us. Therefore, we must learn for the next time.


Every situation affects you as much as you allow it. You are what you tolerate.

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