We are not just this physical body. In total, we have seven energetic bodies and each one of them has a specific function that helps us on our path of life.

We are composed of several layers or energetic bodies, the layer with which we identify on this plane is the physical body, but the human being has a total of 7 bodies that are the seven expressions with which our Being manifests, each one of them has a specific function that helps us on our path of life. These bodies are activated when we become aware of each one of them.

Each one of them is vibrating at different frequencies, interacting with each other for human evolution, ranging from the densest to the most subtle, we only become aware of our physical body, since it is the only one we can perceive with our five senses because the other six are not palpable by our physical senses and that is why it is more difficult for us to realize their existence. But they do exist and they are the ones that mark our level of development.

They are considered as states of consciousness or energetic layers, each one has a specific effect on the universal cosmic energy, that is, if we know that the solar system is just a tiny dot in this infinite universe, I, who am a tiny part of a grain of sand, have an impact on the universal cosmic energy through the energies emitted by my body, so, if I am a powerful being even if I am a tiny being at the cosmic level, I am a powerful being that is impacting the entire universe that I inhabit.

The Seven Bodies of Human Existence: Exploring Our Multidimensional Nature.

Imagine a matryoshka dolls, those Russian dolls nested inside each other. I’m taking this as an example to explain the 7 bodies that we have, so I hope you can imagine it.

Let’s start with the densest and smallest body of all: The Physical Body. The smallest doll of the set would be our physical body, made of physical material that vibrates at a very low frequency and is also the densest body of all. This physical body is our vehicle in this time and space. We accept that we have a physical body because we can see it, feel it, touch it, etc.

In this plane, the physical body needs a counterpart to vitalize it, and this counterpart would be the etheric body, our Second Body, which is the next larger doll from the previous one and is located only a few centimeters from our physical body. It stores universal energy that comes from the divine consciousness of God, the universe, the source, or whatever you want to call it. It gives life to everything we see, and our chakras act as energy transmitters. When physical death occurs, it separates from the physical body and eventually disintegrates. These two bodies, which are actually one, are the mortal part of the human being.

After these bodies, there is a larger body, the Emotional Body or the Astral Body, where all the necessary emotions, desires, passions, and feelings are deposited to experience the three-dimensional world. In this body, diseases are generated to later manifest in the physical body. Our emotions, which have accompanied us throughout life, are imprinted in the emotional body and then registered in the causal body.

Then there is a larger body, the Mental Body. The mental body has two aspects: the lower mental body where our thoughts, ego, judgments, and prejudices are stored. In fact, the emotional and lower mental bodies are the ones that serve to experience duality. The higher mental body is where the higher self comes from, the thoughts that come from love. It processes those thoughts that come from the spirit.

Now, the Mental Body would be a kind of bridge between the lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional, and lower mental) and the higher bodies (the higher mental, causal, and spiritual). The mind acts for and against cosmic balance and is responsible for human actions, beliefs, thoughts (negative and positive), and the influence it has on the lower bodies is decisive. The key is to work on the lower mental body (ego, fears, etc.) through meditation, self-observation, etc., until connecting with the thoughts of our higher mental body, that is, our higher self.

What would be the next body, a larger one? It is the Causal Body, the body that stores all the experiences through which the soul has gone through during a long process of evolution. It stores all the emotions, thoughts, actions, relationships that we have had in life and that are registered in the emotional and lower mental bodies. It is registered here, and all this is registered in the causal body. It is the highest frequency body in which everything we have done throughout all our lives is inscribed. It is the body of causes where the causes that will give rise to effects are inscribed. Karma.

And here is where the last body arrives, the one we are, the largest of all: the Spiritual Body. The spiritual body is the highest of all and gives rise to the others. To discover it, one has to work on the vibrational acceleration of the other bodies. It is our divine part that we have come to discover here.

The Evolutionary Process of the Soul and the Importance of Balancing Our Seven Bodies.

When we pass away, the soul leaves the physical body and continues its evolutionary process. Our other bodies, both lower and higher, also continue their process. On one hand, the physical body disintegrates once it has fulfilled its function, just like the etheric body. The emotional and lower mental bodies would disappear. What would continue is the process of accelerating the vibration of the higher mental and causal bodies, transforming them into light and ultimately merging with the divine source.

The secret lies in working on the 7 bodies we have, becoming aware of their existence and giving each of them conscious value. If we are conscious of these bodies and keep them in balance, the entire universe will be in balance with us.

The eye only sees what consciousness is prepared to understand.

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