Our existence is not governed by luck or chance, but by a law that determines that everything that happens has a purpose: the law of synchronicity.

We have all experienced some coincidence in our lives that seemed unlikely to happen but that we find quite amazing and revealing. Carl Jung calls this event “synchronicity,” one of the greatest enigmas of the Universe.

A connection between the interior and the exterior.

The concept of synchronicity has existed since the Vedas, where it is stated that “You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny”  We cannot see everything truly important with our eyes or understand it with our minds. This invisible network of connections can only be intuited and understood with the heart.

Carl Jung explains how such events that happen to us, which we usually attribute to chance or coincidence, are actually the result of an intimate connection between the interior and the exterior, in which the events are linked through the meaning that we give them.

I mean, no matter how strange it may be the fact that I have dreamed of a person that I have not seen for a long time and I find her on the street the very next day, or I just receive an answer to that question that I had thought so much about the lyrics of a song.

These details are telling us something. Either the universe or we ourselves are wanting to communicate something that goes beyond the everyday.

The importance of self-knowledge.

Our belief system and, of course, our way of thinking determine our circumstances. Everything that happens to us is usually a reflection of our interior, hence the importance of self-knowledge. If I continue to resist seeing life as learning, I will continue to suffer by not accepting the circumstances that my thoughts, decisions, and actions have created.

We do not pay attention to the fact that the things that happen in front of us are the result of what we do or want. We do not realize that we ourselves are creating our present.  In life, we attract people, situations, and conflicts. That is the way in which the thoughts and beliefs of something immaterial are physically manifested.

In this sense, what we experience “outside” is a reflection of what happens to us inside. So, every time an event appears in our life repeatedly or just at the moments we need it most, it is not the work of chance, but of a deliberate synchronicity of the universe as a means to reduce our hectic world and begin to listen to our voice. Our interior, that is to say, our intuition.

Signs to evolve

Carl Jung dedicated his life to synchronicities and was convinced that, if properly observed, these signals would not allow them to evolve. In the form of dreams, premonitions, impossible coincidences, and strange phenomena, the entire universe seems to conspire so that, before us, the hidden nature of things is manifested and something is revealed to us.

Many times, we do not give ourselves credit for obtaining, apparently out of nowhere, what we often want or need and immediately associate it with luck.

The more I know myself, the more I attract situations or people that are aligned with me and with what I am looking for. Everything is energy, we are energy, and each one emits a frequency according to their level of consciousness. This frequency It is like a magnet that brings to our lives whatever is vibrating at that same frequency. If I feel fear, bad situations or illnesses will attract me.

If we look closely, you will realize that synchronicity makes sense when the intention is repeated, creating a habit. Remember that the mind operates beyond the patterns of time and space. The more I repeat an intention, the more likely it is that universal consciousness will manifest that intention in the physical world.

Many people use this to their advantage by maintaining a positive attitude and an open and optimistic mindset to attract prosperity.

Trust your intuition.

If I become aware of the world around me and also connect with my deepest desires through activities that make me feel fulfilled, I will be able to identify what I want in life.

If we learn to trust our intuition and our inner wisdom, we can open ourselves to the magic that synchronicity offers us, because through it, our unconscious manages to go out into the world to tell us something that we otherwise cannot hear, and it is really important for our BEING.

If we know how to listen to it, we will have the guide for our lives in our hands.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

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