We have planned our whole lives before incarnating on Earth.
Our Divine Origin

When we decide to incarnate in this physical plane, we make a journey from our original state, the Cosmic Consciousness, and in the same way, when we graduate from here, we return to our original source.

Each aspect of our being unites us to our divine origin. Therefore, we incarnate with multiple tools with which we can express ourselves. The eternal soul has registered our entire existence in this universe. The soul is pure without any human content and when we discover it, when we find ourselves, is when we begin to BE.

Each of us chooses even the smallest details with which we wish to incarnate in this life, from the physical vehicle to the people with whom we are going to live, the experiences, and how and when we are going to be born and die. Yes, absolutely all the experiences we have lived in order to achieve our learning goal and fulfill our mission.

A human being needs to raise his consciousness, which is asleep in this three-dimensional world through each of the experiences we live, and it is through pain that we understand what the path is, because it leads us to become aware of who we are.

We are all unique.

Each human being acts according to their level of consciousness. We are all unique. Each one is at a different level of evolution, but this does not mean that one is better than another. We all have the same essence, only that we are in different lessons. Some will have chosen to learn through detachment and generosity, and others through illness or loss.

There will be those who think of success and recognition, while the most evolved are in the learning of non-judgment and acceptance of everything that happens in this human experience. Everything we do in any of the planes of existence is by our own decision. Circumstances guide us towards all those challenges that are necessary.

Nothing is by chance.

We are all in an evolutionary process and, incredible as it may seem, we choose to suffer. This is to raise our vibration, which helps us detach from this dimension. Nothing is by chance, but by causality.

We agreed with every soul we have met during this incarnation, from our parents, siblings, children, friends, associates, to that person you spoke to in the market that day that you felt overwhelmed by your work and the other person said something that made you think.

We all choose the people with whom we are going to live on this physical plane. Even with that partner who was unfaithful to you. Maybe you need to learn more about self-love.

Sometimes people come to teach us something, or we teach them, and suddenly it disappears from our lives, thus demonstrating that the pact has been fulfilled. It is difficult to know what we have come to experience with each person we meet, but the soul knows it, and it is through intuition that it sends us those messages that we often ignore, but that if we pay attention to them, we can find all the answers we were looking for.

We are entities of the Universe

We are entities of the universe. Therefore, our consciousness comes from other dimensions, and in each incarnation, we raise our consciousness. This is how we add a level to the scale of our evolution.

We are here and now, learning; life is the only opportunity we have; nothing that happens to us is by chance; each of us has responsibility in the role that we have to play on this planet, and it is up to the moment we transcend, when our soul joins our divine origin, so, we will no longer need this vehicle called the body.

But while we experience ourselves on Earth, we must learn everything that we have come to learn, to accept what happens to us because that is the way we chose it to happen. Everything is part of a divine plan that your soul has chosen together with the cosmic lineage that is unique and eternal. Some of them incarnate, while others remain in higher levels, protecting us; thus, we must trust in the divine plan, accept it, and flow without resistance.

Why did I decide to incarnate here?

If the Universal Cosmic Consciousness where I am from is so wonderful, why did I decide to incarnate here? I am here of my own free will.  Sometimes we come here because we want to learn something from this physical plane.  All the decisions we make in this life are the right ones for us. Each one has a valuable reason for choosing them.

Each person takes a unique path to reach their fulfillment by approaching the most appropriate level of spirituality. When we finish in this life, we simply change the focus of our attention by cutting our ties with the material world. This means that, when we die, we advance to the next level of consciousness, all of which is made possible by our interactions with the souls we meet here.

Thank you for respect the contract!




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