Life gives us a test with situations that manage to exceed our abilities to the point of questioning whether we have enough strength and will to get ahead.
The metaphor of the lotus flower.

There are circumstances that can take us to the limit: an illness, a love breakup, the death of a loved one. We have two options: either we let ourselves be defeated or we overcome and come out stronger.

I would like to mention a metaphor that I like very much and that speaks about life and the adversities that we face every day: the metaphor of the lotus flower.

Symbolically, it is associated with the figure of Buddha and his teachings. That is why they are sacred flowers for the peoples of the East. A lotus flower is a type of water lily whose roots are based on the mud and mud of ponds and lakes. In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes purity of body and soul and divine birth.

The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and beauty that can emerge from swampy ground and has enough resistance to transform adversity into potential. Just like the lotus flower, there are people capable of giving in to pain and expanding it in the form of serenity, self-control and persistence, betting on resilience.

The sun always shines again

Resilience is the ability to transform pain into a driving force to overcome and come out stronger. People who have lived through a traumatic experience and still manage to remain stable without the circumstances they suffered affecting them in their daily lives are resilient people.

For a resilient person, there is no hard life, but difficult moments, which turns out to be a more optimistic way of seeing the world because they are aware that no matter how long and dark the night is, it has never been able to beat a sunrise because the

The sun always shines again, and many times we are so surprised by that brightness that sprouts in a resilient person that it is impossible not to wonder how they can face life with a smile on their lips.

Resistance is not the same as resilience.

It should be clarified that resistance is not the same as resilience. Resistance makes us endure that new situation or way of living when calm comes without breaking, while resilience is the ability to recover when we break. I mean, a human being has the ability to adapt and overcome the new situation that is living.

It is important to develop resilience because it will allow us to recover from the situation that we have been through without letting ourselves be defeated. It will also allow us to handle the pressure that this entails and overcome sadness.

In addition to helping us control negative emotions and face problems, we can even take it with a touch of sense of humor. Only then can we continue to function effectively in the world, managing to develop the necessary skills to face the challenges that life continues to throw at us.

Just as the lotus flower grows in muddy waters, it always seeks sunlight to bloom and give rise to a flower of intense color, always bright and clean, and thus detach from its stem, leaving a new seed ready to be reborn… so we, without adversity, could not grow, flourish, and expand our consciousness.

Sometimes, hitting rock bottom is a wonderful opportunity to rebuild your life.

You are not what you achieve, you are what you overcome.

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