An efficient person knows how to consciously manage all their thoughts to reach success in any area of their life.

Everything we see, hear, touch, and feel during the day is new information that is stored in our unconscious, creating new mental programs. For example, what happens when we can’t sleep well? How is our mood when we get up the next day? What kinds of thoughts invade us when we feel stressed and tired? Or what happens when we have had a deep and restful sleep? What is our attitude towards life when we feel full of energy? The same thing happens when the first thing we do in the morning is listening to the news. We don’t realize that all the information we hear goes directly to the unconscious and send us those mental programs of crisis, scarcity, wars, etc. All it does is block us.

Prejudices we have about all the information we get, which could broaden our comprehension, are one barrier preventing us from changing our outlook on life. But every time we hear something that is not following our way of being or thinking, we automatically become defensive and reject, judge, and create negative emotions. This prevents us from seeing through our own experiences.

We must remember that the practice of observing without judging consists of becoming aware of the experience in the here and now, free of judgments or mental or emotional reactions. We cannot understand what we judge. Observing without judging can only be done in the present moment. If we properly program our minds, we will notice how our vision of things is improving and we will begin to have different results.

Mindfulness and Mental Reprogramming.

Mindfulness’s goal is to help us achieve deep states of consciousness free from judgment, help us think clearly, help us do mental tasks more effectively, etc.n On the other hand, mental reprogramming is like the computer’s software that is installed on the hard drive, determining the conduct of the machine regarding the information it receives.

When our energy is low, our mind tunes in thoughts of low vibrational frequencies that connect with fear, anger, and negativity, much like a radio picks up different types of stations. But if our energy level is high, our mind tunes in to high-frequency vibrational thoughts like trust, joy, security, and positivity.

Neuroscience says that brain reprogramming is the ability of the brain to create new neural connections and thus learn new things that allow us to adapt to change. It affirms that only 21 days or a month is enough to reprogram the mind. So, can the mind be reprogrammed to transcend those limiting beliefs that have sabotaged us for years? Yes. We must understand that during the first years of our lives, we have been filling ourselves with programs about everything we observe and learn from our environment.

The programs that our unconscious has been preserving are not truly ours; they have been established by people or situations outside of us and have an impact on 95% of the actions we take as adults. Many of these programs sabotage and limit us. Everything we currently are is just a reflection of our unconscious mind’s programming.

How can we reprogram the mind?

It is necessary to begin to change thoughts and beliefs that do not favor us, because these are the ones that determine our lives. We have to attack the problem from the root because, for example, we tend to pay attention only to the physical symptom but not to the emotion that generates it. Remember that the internal energy frequency is what largely determines our external reality. What we believe is what we create. If we believe that we have the power to change our lives, we are creating that precise moment in which we absorb information on how to achieve it. If we believed the opposite it would be impossible to understand this episode.

How can we reprogram our minds? We are going to start by asking ourselves which acquired concepts belonged to our ideals and which were imposed by other people during our lives. Emotion is the key to reprogramming our minds because without it, no matter how much the mind tells us something, the body will not feel it. If the body and mind are not synchronized, there won’t be any changes.

“I can’t,” “I don’t deserve,” or “It’s impossible for me” thoughts, remove the words “no” and “impossible” from them. Take a long, deliberate breath each time a negative thought enters your mind. Gratitude, happiness, and love are required for the mental reprogramming process. We have to act as if everything we want in life we already have, is already happening. When you manage to connect thoughts and feelings so that they vibrate at the same frequency, magical things happen.

Repetition is another key to reprograming the mind. It’s necessary to constantly repeat the new habit or belief we have so it can be established in our brain and replace the previous one. A well-made affirmation, for example, can help us reprogram ourselves. A very important part of mental reprogramming is connecting with the here and now. Living in the present moment will make us see and be destined for new opportunities.

Mindfulness allows us to be focused on the present time.

Connecting with the here and now is crucial for mental reprogramming. Living in the present moment will make us see and be ready for new opportunities. Full attention permits to recognition and acceptance of thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judging them.

This practice allows us to learn to slow down everything that goes through our minds. It helps to let go of negativity and calm our minds in unimaginable ways. Just like with meditation, try to avoid negative thoughts through the practice of meditation. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes per day to reap the many benefits it provides to our minds and bodies.

Reprogramming our minds will help us to know ourselves better because we will have more awareness of the things that really matter and benefit us. We will be able to create positive and very productive stimuli to obtain very constructive results. It will give us more confidence and happiness, thus increasing our own well-being. We must learn to be very selective with what we listen to, what we see, and with whom we relate.

We must know how to choose the source of information and put aside everything that only places “garbage” in our minds. If we avoid feeding our minds with that kind of information, there will be consequent changes in the very short term.

Your mental attitude is what primarily determines the quality of your life.


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