It’s been scientifically proven that a regular meditation practice reduces the symptoms of stress and anxiety that haunt us every day, thus preventing many diseases, including depression.
What Is Meditation?
The Tibetan word for meditation is gom or ghom, which means “to become familiar with your mind.” As such, the practice is one that encourages greater insight and ultimately mastery over the mind. Generally, what is sought is to get rid of our negative mental states and generate positive ones. Meditation allows it.
Our inner world becomes noisy when we are constantly thinking. This generates negative states. If we can calm the mind, it becomes pure like water, otherwise it becomes cloudy with the mud that is at the bottom, and with cloudy water, nothing can be seen.

Meditation allows that mud to settle and the water to be clear and transparent again, achieving much more clarity to see things that we normally do not notice due to mental agitation.

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.

During meditation, it is not easy to try to calm our mind. This is thanks to the habits that we have been cultivating throughout our lives. We have given our mind so much freedom to do what it wants, such as getting angry or jealous, and this complicates the process of calming her down.

The fact that it is not easy does not mean that it is impossible. The important thing is to maintain our consciousness in the present moment. This means that we are watching our mind, what it does, where it is Pay attention to that and return to my object of meditation if my mind wanders.

For example, think of a horse and its rider. The rider has the reins with which he is guiding the horse. That rein is my focused mind. If the horse wants to take a different direction than the rider, then the rider uses the reins to correct the deviation of the horse. That would be how the mind would focus.

Meditation is a powerful tool

At its core, meditation is a fundamental tool that allows us to look within ourselves and, at a certain moment, come to understand our own nature.

When we meditate, we allow the soul to connect directly with God, the Universe, or the Source, as you grant it. Since we are spiritual beings, we need to reconnect with our true divine essence.

We live trapped in the emotions and attachments of the human mind, and we forget our spiritual nature. It is not about changing my human condition so that my spirit will appear. The spirit has always been there; it is our connection with divinity, and it will never be affected by anything that this earthly life lets us do.

The important thing is to recognize it. Meditation is not the goal; it is an instrument for achieving liberation from all those ties that obstruct the mind.  Mindfulness can be a complicated and unattractive practice for many people, as it includes a deep study of oneself and self-reliance. It requires many factors to be in balance. This immediately conflicts with the desire to find a quick fix. But don’t let that discourage you; whatever meditation you’ve done is never wasted.

Benefits of meditation

We are currently in a change of frequency. It seems that there is more violence, but in reality there is more light. There are more and more awakened beings wanting to act from the essence.

We have the power to find happiness and a fulfilling life. Meditation has multiple benefits for those who practice it daily, from reducing stress and improving concentration, to increasing our empathy, compassion, and love towards everything and everyone, reducing anxiety and depression, improving memory, and improving health in general.

In fact, many scientists consider that the keys to aging are found in DNA, and the secret is in the effect that meditation causes on it, specifically on telomeres. They are like the protective shields of the DNA of our cells and reflect the strength of the immune system. Therefore, the shorter they are, the greater the degree of aging and the greater the possibility of getting sick. We have to keep this in mind, especially in this situation, since having a strong immune system is a guarantee to fight any virus, infection, or disease.

Meditation causes a powerful positive effect on telomerase, the enzyme responsible for preventing telomeres from shortening.

The best way to meditate is without expectations.

Disconnecting attention from the material world (including our body) allows us to experience life in states of consciousness free from physical limitations.

It does not matter whether or not we are people who are aware of our spirituality, the practice of meditation should be a habit in our daily routine and we should incorporate it into our lives as we do with exercise or food.

You can meditate using mantras, visualization, guided meditations, concentration on your breathing or the practice of mindfulness. Start by dedicating a few minutes a day, and little by little, increase the time. The best way to meditate is without expectations and without expecting results in particular. With daily practice, you will begin to experience much more refined levels of consciousness.

The way you meditate is the right way, no matter your mood. So take some time to quietly reflect away from all the daily noise of everyday life. Once you start, you won’t want to put it down.

Meditation is the eye of the soul – Jacques Bénigne Bossuet

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