Meditation is the key to freeing yourself from the traps of the mind and achieving knowledge of the Self.

Who am I? What is the purpose of my existence? Where do I come from? Where do I go? Or why do some people seem to lead a more pleasant life than others? These are the classic questions that we have all asked ourselves at least once in our lives. Some people work their entire lives to find answers; others put these questions aside due to their daily routine and stress. However, some people find these answers and manage to have a life full of fulfillment and happiness.

Deep self-introspection is required if you want to discover the purpose of life. People who are preoccupied with daily activities hardly ever take the time to become conscious of what is going on inside of them; they hardly ever realize how their minds are being attacked by sensory perceptions, and they rarely pause to consider their lives until they are faced with a life-threatening situation.

A constant observation of the mind is encouraged by meditation. The work of finding the boundless sea of wisdom that already resides within us requires time and a location that must be used regularly for meditation practice.

Take control of your inner world.

The mind seeks fulfillment in things and experiences outside of itself. Many people think a luxurious car or a house on the beach will make them happy. The mind can be quiet and find and remain at peace for a very brief period while it has the happiness searching in the external, but eventually grows tired of it and starts looking for another thing that will provide the happiness it thinks is outside.

External objects frequently fail in their attempts to cut happiness short. A person’s mind will remain unchanged if he continues to accumulate material possessions because his satisfaction is derived from his attitude toward the external world, not from the objects themselves.

We have all gone through easy and hard periods in our lives; however, you live happier when you face obstacles with a serene mind. The challenge is to acquire control over our internal world. The mind always talks to itself, remembers things from the past, plans the future, considers the pros and cons of each situation, etc. We live enslaved by our own desires and emotions; ask yourself: “How long have you been trapped in that same trap?” There will be people who want to free themselves from certain habits, such as smoking, but do not have control over their own minds.

Meditation happens on its own.

The immediate purpose of meditation is to create new and positive mental pathways and eliminate those that are destructive. It is an absolutely scientific process, but at the same time, it has a spiritual goal.  It is not enough to eliminate the negative; an effort must be made to cultivate love, compassion, the spirit of service, joy, kindness, and all those qualities that allow us to have a full, happy life that radiates in others.

The benefit of meditation is that we become spectators of our own minds. At first, this may seem impossible, but with practice, it can be achieved.Keep in mind that meditation occurs by itself; calming the mind and being silent requires constant practice. So, before we begin to meditate, we must be aware that we must be extremely respectful of the subject, as meditating is much more than a passing fad.

Meditation is a practice that requires great discipline

If you are not able to disconnect from your daily activities, you will not be able to close your eyes and enter into meditation. The most convenient thing is to have an environment and an adequate attitude; to have a place to meditate, the moment in which it is done, physical health, and mental state should motivate introspection.

Meditation allows us to maintain an open and compassionate attitude toward everything that happens to us. In meditation, our thoughts and emotions can become like clouds that stop but then pass by. It is a wonderful self-observation technique that is carried out by raising consciousness above our daily reality, achieving a completely different state of being.

The essence of meditation is to be with ourselves regardless of what happens, without labeling it as good or bad, right or wrong. Meditation dissolves and frees our thoughts, allowing us to focus solely on the present moment and manage stress and worries.

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you start to filter it with positive thoughts your life will start to change.- Buddha


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