The soul is the vehicle of the spirit, and in turn, the soul needs a physical body to manifest here in this plane.

If you are listening to this podcast, it is probably because you are at a level of consciousness where you are beginning to delve into those questions that have arisen as you progress on this path towards your inner self, where you will find those answers that will continue to help you in your evolution. Never believe everything you hear, but if something resonates strongly with you, take it and delve deeper into it, and let the rest go.

On that note, I continue…

The Soul, the Body, and the Journey of Evolution.

The idea that the soul exists is associated with life (or lives) after death. The physical body dies, but the soul continues its evolutionary process. The individual soul manifests itself through different energetic layers so that the spirit can interact in the physical body. As we discussed in the last podcast, we all have a purpose to fulfill in this plane, and this purpose is part of the process of learning, evolution, and growth of our soul.

Believe it or not, this purpose was defined by each one of us before incarnating in this plane. We forget that we are a spiritual being living temporary human experiences using a physical body to manifest on Earth in order to continue evolving, experiencing all the experiences, challenges, and learnings of life. Only then can the experience be real.

The soul is the essence of who we are, the soul is eternal, what is abandoned is eternal, nothing temporal can satisfy our true nature. I am vero… all of this that I have is temporary, material, and has to do with this moment. All of that identification distances me from the genuine sense of Being… and if I believe that I am not eternal, then fear of dying comes in.

If we understand this point very well, it would completely change the meaning of our lives because we would understand perfectly that all the lessons we have come to learn in this incarnation are to continue growing and evolving the journey of the soul. All those significant losses, those failed love or professional experiences, those successes, illnesses, etc. All those experiences that we often fail to understand, we choose them because that is where our learning is.

Many will ask themselves: why did I decide to incarnate in this plane full of suffering? Why live certain situations or events if they hurt me so much? Because pain and obstacles are the path that leads me to my own spiritual growth, it is precisely that experience that I need to keep moving forward in my awakening of consciousness, in my spiritual awakening, and that experience lived in this incarnation will be stored in my soul archives to continue with its evolution. That is why we hear “everything is okay.” Everything really is okay, it’s just a matter of accepting it.

The Quantum Physics Perspective on the Soul and the 21 Grams Theory.

Speaking from the point of view of quantum mechanics, when delving into the study of photons, one realizes that there are different energy levels depending on the point of our body that they are touching. Additionally, it is realized that we have a vibrational radiation that is outside of our bodies.

The scientists of the new era have already arrived at the confirmation of the soul. According to the earliest philosophies born in humanity, from the Sumerians, Greeks, Egyptians, etc., we have 7 bodies. We will delve deeper into this topic. The soul is part of one of the 7 bodies of the human being, located in the 5th body, the causal body. They say that the soul weighs 21 grams according to studies carried out by a Scottish doctor named Duncan MacDougall. He came up with the idea of weighing the soul after seeing a standard platform scale. He constructed a special bed by placing a light frame on delicately balanced scales sensitive to two tenths of an ounce.

Terminal patients in the final stages of their existence were meticulously observed during and after the dying process, and just at the moment the patient passed away, the tray of the opposite scale fell with astonishing speed, as if something had suddenly lifted from the body, indicating that the physical body lost 21 grams.

There is also an abrupt decrease in energy, dropping from 200 megahertz to 0 in the last exhalation. Therefore, there is a change in vibration, which would be the vibration of the energetic weight of the soul. It is an interesting concept.

The Power of the Soul.

The soul doesn’t live inside of me, it’s not something I feel in my heart. The soul is much bigger than me, we live inside of it. It has an impressive energy that can solve our entire life. If you feel like you’re at a crossroads in your life right now, it’s possibly time to delve deeper into it.

What are your dreams and desires? What no longer serves you in your emotional, physical, and spiritual life? Perhaps it’s time to raise your levels of consciousness with deep questions, as mentioned at the beginning of the podcast, to continue learning from human experiences that the soul needs for its evolution and to continue on this journey back home.

What we do in life echoes in eternity.




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