During all this time of isolation that we are going through due to the situation we face worldwide, we have tried to stay physically healthy, but we forget about our mental health.

Having a healthy mind means having a healthy body, healthy relationships, and peace of mind, and it is also a guarantee of knowing how to face situations that may happen to me in this life and being able to handle them. If I do not have a healthy mind, whatever happens to me will always have a negative meaning, and therefore, I will always be blaming someone or something or even myself.

Looking for our mental health

Since this implies analyzing things too much without reaching any conclusion, I will spend my time thinking without even trying to make any changes because I will be trapped in that vicious circle caused by my mind that is not healthy.

Looking for our mental health is something that we must always do. Each one of us analyzes our lives according to what we live daily. Each of these circumstances shapes us and defines us, but what makes a person react? different before a situation is equal to another’s? Any situation that happens to us is neutral, but everyone has the option to take it as a threat, as an unbearable pain, or a very heavy burden, while another person may take it as an opportunity to grow, as part of life.

The difference is in the degree of mental health that each one has.

If I have good mental health, I would take everything that happens to me as it is, as a circumstance that is part of life. If my mental health, on the other hand, is not good, then I would take it as a punishment, as a threat to me.

When we talk about healing, we immediately imagine the spirit and the soul, but both are always healthy because they are a part of the divinity. The mind is what gets sick when what is happening is too painful and I cannot get over it. I stay stuck in stress believing that I cannot get out of there.

Then some situation that could happen to anyone paralyzes me, thinking that there is no solution because the pain blinds me and does not allow me to see the way out. So why does this situation that can happen to anyone not allow me to see the way out? Or because one person can get out faster, while others can’t? Because people who feel they cannot get out of it do not have enough resources or tools to support a person who gets out quickly.

Mental health should always be a priority

If I understand that I have all the mechanisms to get out of any situation, I am going to do it. If I think otherwise, I will stay trapped in that hole without even trying to climb out of it. I have to analyze what I believe when a situation occurs. What do I believe that I cannot achieve? What is the degree of evolution of my conscience? Is it developed enough to know how to handle any situation I face in life with maturity?

To accomplish this, I would need to improve my mental strength, physical strength, self-esteem, and so on. We do not know the situations that we will continue to face in life.

That is why we have to prepare ourselves. But this It doesn’t mean that I have to live worried and scared about what might happen, thinking that something bad will come. Jealousy, mistrust, envy, resentment, the same lack of ability to get ahead because I feel I can not do it, living in the past, in the future in panic, anxiety, and depression, all this is like a poison that makes me sick and, at the same time, makes my environment sick.

Mental health should always be a priority and not only in difficult situations. I am living life, and life is full of good and bad situations, however you want to classify them. Each situation that I live in is very important, and that is why I must have a healthy mind to be able to live a life in harmony with ammonia in my life and that of others. If I have a damaged mind, I will harm my environment.

If I do not take responsibility for my mental health, I will not be able to have the energy to develop all that potential with which I came to this plane to achieve my mission.

The responsibility that each of us has on this plane is to heal our minds, because a healthy mind is the main guarantee that everything is healthy.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. Carl Jung

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