How many times in life have we carried some remorse or guilt that is impossible to forgive ourselves? How many times have we burned with anger when someone has done something wrong to us that forgiving is not an option?
‘The Buddha’s Forgiveness’

There is a story entitled ‘The Buddha’s Forgiveness’  is really short but the teaching is immense, it says that Buddha had a very bad cousin who was jealous of him and every time he could he trafficked to denigrate. One day while Buddha was walking quietly, his cousin threw a very heavy stone at him with the intention of killing him, but the stone fell on Buddha’s side and did nothing to him. Buddha realized what happened but remained indifferent without losing his smile.

Days later, he ran into his cousin and greeted him very affectionately. Very surprised, his cousin asked him if he was not angry with him. And Buddha told him no, and his cousin, very surprised, asked him why. To which the Buddha replied: “Because you are no longer the one who threw that stone, nor am I the one who was there when it was thrown”… Buddha teaches us that it is useless to hold grudges if life is constantly changing and we also

Forgiveness does not mean that I am going to accept or consent to the actions of the person who has offended me. With forgiveness, I am not freeing that person but myself, and with that, I would be able to break those chains of anger, hatred, and even desire for revenge that could have provoked me. For Buddhism, forgiveness is not an act of the will of the wounded “I,” but the ability to stop identifying with feelings of hostility and resentment towards others.

What is forgiveness?

The word “forgiveness” has a deep meaning that many times we fail to understand, and that is why it is difficult for us to touch that subject, but the reality of things is that forgiveness is a beautiful path of great wisdom.

Forgiveness implies a decision to leave behind certain resentment or thoughts of revenge towards the person who has hurt us. Or if I have to forgive myself, manage to open my mind and feel sorry for that human being that I was at the time I was acting in a certain way and offended, hurt, etc., and open my heart to understand that I am no longer that person and be able to start my evolutionary process.

Forgiveness is that ability to give up all those harmful emotions and be able to live and focus on the present without getting caught up in those painful memories and projections of revenge.

I have always thought that hating someone is a waste of time and energy because that hatred that I feel is not going to have any effect on that person; I only generate it on myself.

The ego feels wounded

Hate, according to Buddha, is like taking poison and waiting for it to harm someone else. So, when one really frees himself from those destructive hooks, one also frees himself from that wounded ego, because in the end, it is the ego that feels wounded, and therefore, since there is no longer an ego involved, feeling hurt, then there will be someone to forgive.

Then I understand that forgiveness is like letting go of a stone with spikes that I am squeezing with my hand and that is generating a negative emotion in me. When I observe that stone with spikes and I realize that it is hurting me, I immediately let go of it. That helps me to free myself from suffering and from that attachment. I had to hold that stone with spikes.

By completely healing my wound, I would no longer be identifying myself with the causes that generated it, and that automatically frees me from the attachment to suffering.

Another of the Buddhist teachings that I want to share with you because it seems very valuable to me and I feel that it makes a lot of sense. Obviously, everyone is going to take what best vibrates them, and what you do not simply leave: For forgiveness to exist, there must be a wounded ego. We already said that.

Only wounded egos are capable of forgiveness. Only those who have the false belief that they are their personality are the ones who forgive. And they forgive because they hate or are resentful. Only those who live in duality need to forgive. Those who knows they are one with everything, feel love… Loves himself and loves others. That compassionate love that I feel for all sentient beings places me outside of forgiveness.

I have to forgive no one!

If we think that someone owes us something or did something to us and we can’t see the perfection within each situation, well, let’s forgive him! But if we are able to overcome our ego, then let us say: “I have to forgive no one!” In order to forgive, we must begin by recognizing and lovingly embracing our weaknesses, knowing that there are tendencies that we must avoid because they generate suffering.

Forgiveness does not mean that I will forget or reconcile with those who hurt me. That is clear to us. To forgive is simply to be at peace with ourselves and with our lives. Truly, love is the answer to everything.

Forgive people in your life, even those who are not sorry for their actions. Holding on to anger hurts you, not them.

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