The world is full of external and internal noises, and the hectic daily routine, which is full of chaos and stress, does not allow us to recover our center. How can we return to it?

Reaching mental calm and connecting with oneself seems to be an impossible goal to achieve, especially in this fast-paced world where we are not allowed to take a break. We have used the daily routine in which we live as an excuse that the word “rest” is synonymous with “wasting time.” The disconnection people face is partly due to the external stimuli we live every day— we live glued to the cell phone or the computer, the television, etc. We live anxiously, worrying about everything and nothing; we do not allow our minds to rest. We live within a vast mental web that we become disoriented and empty, unsure of who we are or what we want out of life.

In this case, we need to connect with ourselves, with our true selves, but for what? To be yourself, to live from our essences, to feel full, and to make sure that nothing or nobody can bother us.

Can you imagine living with a more focused, calmer mind, more energy, and more freedom?

What is my center?

Your center is a state of serenity and internal stillness. It can arise when you need support to face those experiences that change you emotionally or disturb your inner peace. Living from our center allows us to be detached from situations that disturb our sense of well-being. Like the oriental masters suggest, we can observe as an observant witness without intervening. Observing unpleasant events without passing judgment on them.

There will be people who think this is impossible because we have to react and not allow it. But who has said that stopping judging means allowing the situation or circumstance to affect us? Remember: we allow things to affect us or not; we have that great responsibility in our lives. Hopefully, we can normalize it instead of giving someone else the responsibility for our own decisions.

The obstacle to connecting with oneself is ourselves because we live with a mind conditioned by the past, worry about a future that does not exist, or create stories that we end up believing. At some point in my life, I came to wonder how I could connect with myself in the midst of so much noise and chaos.

Yes, there are indeed many techniques to contact oneself. But we usually leave them the great responsibility of doing our work, which we think is magic and that everything will be solved immediately. Everything is a constant practice. Living from our center is a state that arises naturally and spontaneously without going out looking for it. We are pure essence with human content that we do not know how to handle because we were not taught.

We have spoken on many occasions about the ego; we live by following its instructions to the letter and letting it dominate us.

How could I return to my center?

Our thoughts take us away from Being, drive us crazy, get attached to us, give us the feeling of feeling lost, etc. How could I return to my center? When you really want something, you put your energy and intention into achieving it. This is a constant practice that we must integrate every day to achieve it. Meditating as we have said on many occasions, is a practice that opens the door to many aspects of yourself that you never imagined you had.

You only need to spend a few minutes each day with yourself, in silence, doing nothing. Sitting in a comfortable position where nothing distracts you, observing and relaxing the areas of your body that are tense, and scanning your body from head to toe. This practice will help you become more aware of your body’s subtle sensations, allowing you to recognize your inner discomfort when confronted with an uncomfortable situation.Remember that the body speaks; we need to learn how listen to it. For that, it is best to spend time with it. It’s important to acknowledge and accept each emotion you feel, whether negative or positive, without judging it.

We must learn to listen to the message that each emotion tells us. Whatever you are feeling, accept it without judging it. This will give you coherence. It’s useless to refuse to feel something that causes pain, either so that the other person doesn’t get angry with us or because we don’t recognize what we feel. Therefore, we deny it.

Recognition is the first step to acceptance.

Acknowledging that we are not what we feel relieves the weight of feeling and thinking. Not identifying with the thought or feeling will allow you to take a prudent distance to realize how temporary both are. At the same time, it will help you to activate your inner self and be an observant witness of what happens around you without identifying yourself with it.

It is important to remember that nothing is permanent; everything is constantly changing. Life is a constant state of change; be aware that every time we face a painful situation, even if we don’t see it that way at the moment, that will happen. Everything has its cycle, and this is a great way to speed up that process. So, instead of ignoring it when you feel your situation is untenable and you believe you will never be able to get out of it, feel it. Allow yourself to feel it, become it, and then remember: This, too, shall pass.

Doing this will help you see it with different eyes, recognize it, give it its space, immerse yourself in it, and release it. The deepest waters of the ocean are the most serene, right?

Life is every moment

Give yourself permission and the pleasure of meeting and rediscovering yourself. Life is a great school where the important subjects are reflected in our gains and losses. You have to learn to live with serenity both in tranquility and in chaos. It is critical to practice this regularly to learn how to recognize and connect with the space of inner silence, which provides us with mental rest away from thoughts, emotions, noises, and so on.

This type of meditation will help us look within ourselves for the peace we already have and that we frequently seek elsewhere. Living in the center means returning to the present. Life is every moment; accept what is present in your reality. The more you connect with yourself, the more happy, free, and fulfilled you will be.

The exit is inward.


If you need support to connect with your true essence, contact me:, I am here for you.


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