Illness is the expression of an energetic imbalance. Health is the expression of harmony.

We can find ourselves in perfect harmony, balance, and expressing the best parts of who we are because we are a whole energy system like the universe. However, the inverse can also happen. We may be out of balance, exhibiting our negative traits and in utter discord. This shows up in every aspect of our lives, especially in our bodies and minds. Therefore, seeking and finding harmony is equal to healing. Harmony is a state of balance between body and mind; it includes emotions, thoughts and actions. This makes us live a much healthier life.

Let’s use the example of orchestral music, where several instruments all play the same melody, to help us understand this idea. To make it feasible for us to hear the melody and not simply noise, each of the instruments needs to play on a specific scale and enter the mix at precisely the right time. The same thing happens with our bodies. There is no element more important than the other. They must all be in good condition so we can have good health. If any of these elements fails, it will begin to slowly affect the whole set until it affects other components and thus destroys the system.


The term “alignment” is used in the East to describe how all the components of the system, that is, our body, mind, energy, and spirit, must be aligned to work properly. There are levels, and when they work at the higher levels, we get alignment more easily. We are always looking for harmony to be able to express the best of ourselves and thus obtain a better life. However, for some time, many people focus their attention on what is known as spiritual development, considering it a life goal. The reality of the situation is that this point is not more important than physical, mental, or emotional development, not even than our own development on this physical plane.

Unfortunately, an image of the spiritual and energetic has been built as something that is opposed to the material, but a person who has the enormous purpose of achieving spiritual development needs to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and material development to have a life full and abundant during their temporary human experience. Detachment doesn’t mean that we should divest of all our possessions or forget about our loved ones, thinking that this is how the divine will find us. Separation is one of the first concepts that a person in search of spiritual development must transcend to stop feeding the ego, producing only disharmony.

How can we restore harmony?

Disharmony, as we develop, usually manifests itself in various aspects: in the physical body, in the mind (with our ideas and beliefs), in our emotions (with what we feel and how it affects us), and in the spirit ( linked to our immortal part). Each of these areas has its own rules and interests that produce internal struggles. We will go deeper into each of them later.

How can we restore harmony? Working at the level of our soul, connecting with it, and recognizing the true nature of what we are. We can do this through meditation, but we must not neglect our body, our mind, and our emotions. We must work together because, if our body is healthy, our mind produces positive thoughts and has greater clarity, causing an optimal emotional state. This alignment connects us more easily with our divine part. Yoga, for example, helps us exercise the body, sharpen the mind and control our emotions. Martial arts are also another very good option because of their connection with mental and spiritual development. You always have to look for the activity that you enjoy the most.

We can consider making a change in our lifestyle that includes more nature. Spending more time outdoors will help us achieve harmony between body, mind, and soul to achieve holistic well-being. Ayurveda, for example, promotes good health, helps remove impurities from our bodies, and helps us to be happy and healthy despite the problems and stress of daily life. We will be surprised to discover those details that we never pay attention to, from falling raindrops to feeling the breeze in the air, if we enjoy each event with awareness. And of course, without judging anything, just try to get involved in this natural environment. You will see how you will feel happier and at peace.

All areas of our lives are very important. If we are able to unify all this as the main activity, we will achieve the desired harmony.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. Marcus Aurelius

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