If we don’t take care of our thoughts, we won’t have the energy to maximize our potential and carry out the purpose of life.
Obstacles are imposed by our fears.

There are some challenging life situations that, no matter how hard we try, eventually reach a point where there is no way out. At this point, our minds become blocked, making it difficult for us to move forward in finding the solution or attaining our objectives. In general, these obstacles are imposed by our fears. These fears come directly from the denial of not wanting to leave the famous comfort zone.

Some distractions that we encounter in life will eventually turn into internal or external problems. We design the majority of them. This keeps us from accomplishing our objectives. The mind activates a defense system when we are faced with a difficult or painful scenario. This defense mechanism enables us to survive the situation, reducing the impact it has on us and aiding in our efforts to shield ourselves from its agony without being aware that we are going down through a denial trap.

We are aware that our minds may either be our greatest ally or our worst enemy. It will eventually rule us if we are unable to control it. Sometimes taking action and lessening one’s level of thought is all that is needed.  Just like the body, the mind is an essential instrument. If the mind gets sick, the body will too. The mind cures the body to prosper and fully appreciate life. Conflict is constantly produced by a sick mind, which never finds peace. Conflict is falling into an endless pit.

Our perception of the world is influenced by thought.

Each of us has unique experiences that the unconscious preserves throughout the duration of our lives, including those that we categorize as unpleasant at the moment. When we are faced with a significant shift, for example, these fears can come to the surface.

We fail to recognize that change is inevitable and that it happens in order to accomplish new objectives, reinvent our self, learn, and advance. The risk that change entails can paralyze us if we are unable to manage it properly because, rather than viewing it as an opportunity for growth, we may view it as a failure, which will only result in issues. But if there is an issue, it is because what we have produced needs improvement. In other words, the solution is implicit in each problem.

The problem would not exist if we knew ourselves. The thought works as a guide for our perception of things. If I see a situation as a failure, this becomes an obstacle. Failing once doesn’t mean that it will always fail. A person is not defined by his or her successes of her or his failures of her, but what is done after them.

Everything is a lesson. If we never stumble, we cannot learn to move forward. If we don’t leave our comfort zone, we cannot venture out to try new experiences. The fear of failure paralyzes us and prevents us from moving forward. There is no worse risk than the one that is not taken, and for this, we need to control our main enemy: our own mind, because it is capable of creating a lack of security regarding what we want and a fear of the commitment that implies reaching the goals objectives.

‘Is it not the right time or am I not prepared?’

Mental obstacles are only incorrect thoughts or beliefs about ourselves, the circumstance, or the surroundings. And occasionally, they are just stories or justifications we make up for ourselves out of fear or as a way to rationalize staying inactive when they are not true. Every time you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself if you really think that or if is it just an excuse not to move forward or face the situation. Like the classic excuse, it’s not the right time or I’m not ready. It will never be the right time to achieve your goals, and we will never be sufficiently prepared, at least as we would like.

If we keep looking for excuses, we will find many as long as we don’t take risks. That’s why dreams are not chased. You have to put aside all those beliefs and do it. What has to be learned will be learned along the way. If you want, you can. If it has not been possible, it is because it has not been wanted, just like that.

How can we overcome these obstacles?

When we set a clear goal, we focus on it. This prevents us from creating mental obstacles because a clear goal gives us focus in the present moment.

Focus avoids distractions. Distractions create many obstacles, either from the past or from the future. The obstacles disappear if we focus here and now only on the actions that take us where we want to go.

The question cannot be left out: is what I am thinking going to help me achieve my goals? Attitude and motivation are determined by thoughts.

The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers that our minds create.

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