When you finally give up and decide to end your suffering, trusting in the wisdom of the Universe, you will find true peace.

The lack of peace in our lives prevents us from achieving everything we have set out to do; we cannot make our dreams come true, we cannot transcend; we are trapped in a dead-end hole, and we have to work hard to get out of it. We become attached to what causes us pain, thus adding to our misery. When we injure ourselves, we experience physical pain, this is part of life, and we are ok with this because we know a doctor can treat us. But we don’t realize that every physical ailment is the side effect of an untreated emotion.

When something hurts us emotionally, we don’t dare to observe our thoughts and feelings; instead, we ignore them and store them in the depths of our unconscious. We want a magic pill to take away that harm, similar to how aspirin treats a headache. Our ego is in charge of removing what is kept in the unconscious when we face situations similar to what we have experienced when we create those emotions we repressed. Accepting that emotional pain is also part of life will help us heal the causes of suffering.

The one that always suffers is the ego, not the soul. People believe the soul suffers psychological injuries, but this is incorrect. The soul doesn’t exist in the physical universe, is eternal and cannot die, has no human content, is not born, does not die, and cannot be destroyed or altered. We must take responsibility for our ego instead of giving that responsibility to our soul. Our soul wants nothing more than for us to return to it.

You don’t want to suffer anymore?

When we observe the pain around us, our own suffering appears insignificant in comparison to the suffering of others. But the ego is in charge of persuading us that only our own pain matters, that only the ideas of what we want to accomplish in this life matter and that if we don’t achieve them, we will suffer. Suffering is the other side of fear; a person who always suffers is a person with fear. Fear paralyzes, and if we remain immobile, we will be missing out the opportunity to enjoy, learn, and grow in this incarnation.

You don’t want to suffer anymore? Then, don’t allow others or the circumstance or situation to enter your mind and dump their garbage there. As Gandhi said, I’m not going to let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet. When we declare an end to suffering and resolve to eliminate its causes, the joy of living is born, and we can enjoy every detail that makes us happy. We begin to look for joy everywhere because joy opens the door to happiness, which is a right we have from the moment we are born. Being humble is equivalent to minimizing the causes of suffering.

It is important to know some of the causes of suffering:
  • First is not knowing who you are; there are people who have never asked themselves that question and therefore do not introspect.
  • Attachment and the desire to remain in an impermanent world cause pain.
  • Identifying with the physical image instead of with your true self is another cause of suffering.
  • And finally, we have what I consider the most important: the fear of death and the unknown. I say it is the most important because your attitude toward death influences how you live.

All these causes of suffering come from the ego and those lessons we didn’t want to learn. This life is a continuous series of lessons, not suffering. If any cause resonates with you, then it’s time to work on it.

Life is a series of changes that lead to the Being; don’t fight them.

Carl Jung says that “those who learn nothing from the unpleasant facts of life force cosmic consciousness to reproduce them as many times as necessary to learn what the drama of what happened teaches.” “What you deny submits you; what you accept transforms you.” If we keep fighting with reality, we will suffer permanently. Life is a series of changes that lead to the Being; don’t fight them. If you resist what causes you suffering, you will miss the message that life wants to deliver to you.

The universe, the universal cosmic consciousness, God, whatever you want to call it, has given you these signs so you can discover the knowledge that will help you continue to evolve. Why not direct your efforts toward determining what message is hidden behind the pain? Make that healthy soul repair the parts of your body and mind that need healing and confidence; find the meaning of why things happen to you so that they don’t happen again; and integrate all the lessons that will help you feel free and full.

Don’t let the sun die without your grudges having died.- Mahatma Gandhi

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