Human beings can self-heal.

We can all heal ourselves, either through the hands, the mind or through contact with our divine part. Absolutely all of us are capable of performing both physical and emotional healing, and we can also help others to heal. This is made possible through the harmonization of energy.

What is healing?

Healing is a process that involves recognizing what happens to us and recognizing the information that is manifesting in our lives. Just remember one thing: everything that is kept inside us is everything that happens to us, everything we do, see, think, feel, and believe. So, we need to accept that information for the mind to understand and see where it is presented, whether in some external or internal, biological event, etc. and thus be able to find the change, because by freeing ourselves from what happens to us, we can find that transformation that leads us towards evolution.

When a person manages to be well on an emotional, physical and mental level, they can connect on a deeper level with their interior, with what they really are. This connection has a healing effect in all areas of our lives.

We are a complete energy system.

Many times, we have felt disconnected from what we really want, and then we go through life without having a purpose. Energy healing, for example, helps reconnect us on different levels, both physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, helping us find that balance that makes us feel good. 

As we know, everything in this universe is energy and is interconnected. To understand this, we need to understand very well that everything is energy. Therefore, each vibration that exists is responsible for sending information to the Whole, and this always sends a response.

We need to understand that we are a complete energy system and, like most energy systems, there may also be blockages that interrupt the flow of our energy. These blockages can cause visible symptoms or even end our lives. So we must learn how to recognize the existence of the blockages we have created for ourselves in order to determine which technique will allow us to remove them and thus restore harmony.

Some people can perceive energy easily as well as emotions. There will be people who empathize easily with the emotions of other people. Others will find this just complicated. This is because we are all energy and every activity or emotion is too. We are an energy system that is usually blocked by negative emotions degrading the area of the body with which it is associated, whether it is with a headache, neck, chest, hands, etc. They can affect the bones, the muscles, and the blood flow. It is like a chain that is untied until it forms a disease that warns us that something is happening.

The process of each person is individual.

We all have something to heal, and even while healing is a slow process of change and progress, there are also setbacks.  Suffering distorts our perception of ourselves and the world around us. All of our unresolved anxieties, insecurities, jealousies, phobias, resentments and other issues are wounds that require attention and self-care. We have to understand that each person’s process is individual and requires patience and a lot of love.

Acceptance is the first step in the healing process after we experience a loss, a period of grief, or another trying moment. Nothing can be cured by time. It does not make us forget or make the agony go away. It merely causes a delay and makes things more uncomfortable when we don’t accept what is happening. We all have the ability to recognize energy blockages and heal them with the method that seems best to us. We usually look to a therapist or healer for an energetic space that helps us repair the connection with our own Self.

When we really want to heal, the frequency of the solution, which is already in our energy field, will bring us a lot of clarity of consciousness. Frustrations start to show up when we completely put our duty for healing into the hands of the therapist or healer. We think therapists do the work alone, but this is not the case. While the expert walks this route with you, it is ultimately your job to heal.

Keep in mind that you already have all the tools integrated, and you will find them as you go through with the procedure. When seeking aid, this must be considered. You can heal yourself if you really want to.

I can heal my environment if I can heal myself.

The healing process, as I’ve already mentioned, is quite intensive, and to deal with the information according to the event in our life that has to be repaired, we must be willing for it to happen. Recognizing is the first step. Your belief in yourself will inspire you to find the path to your own restoration. Actually, healing is the ultimate purpose of all healing because when I cure myself, I also heal everyone around me.

Nobody heals being the same person. Healing is a journey of personal transformation.

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