Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”
The Universe.

The Universe, from the farthest galaxy to the device you are listening to this podcast on, is made of matter. Matter is everything that has mass, weight, and occupies a place in space because it is made up of super small particles called atoms, which in turn are made up of even smaller particles called subatomic particles (electrons, protons, and neutrons). On the other hand, physics defines energy as the ability to perform work or action, capable of producing movement, change, or transformation.

So everything in the Universe is made of matter and energy. The matter is composed of atoms and molecules (which are the groups of atoms) and the energy makes these atoms and molecules in constant movement, turning around themselves, vibrating and creating lifetimes. So, everything is interconnected. We are all one because we are inside the Cosmos. In fact, 95% of our components are the same as those of a star, scientifically proven.

So, under this condition that we are all made equal and therefore we are all connected with the universe, we come to influence each other because we are energy. For example, A drop of sea does not stop being sea. It is not the complete sea, but it does not stop being sea. We are like that drop. We are still energy and we are the expression of that same energy. Since we wake up in the morning, we are already emanating energy, or with the decisions I make, I am already impacting everything around me.

Everything is energy.

When I understand that everything is energy, I can determine where I want the one I emit to impact. For example, if we continue to respond to situations that occur to us in the way we always do by launching the same energy, we will continue to obtain the same result.

The ideal would be to not make the same decisions that lead us to the same place, right? We have an infinity of possibilities when we understand that energy conspires in our favor because it is in us and everywhere, and when we observe it, it behaves according to the consciousness and the intention that I have because we are in an intelligent universe that manipulates. In fact, Einstein said that he only stayed close to brilliant minds because intelligence connects the universe by having the same energy.

We can attract the energy of the Universe with our thoughts, just as The Secret says: think about what you want to manifest in your life, think about it in detail, feel it while you are thinking about it, feel how you feel with what you have already manifested. We have to be aware of all that we want to manifest in our lives. Then I think, how am I going to feel VERO the day that what I had wished for has already been manifested? That is the emotion that we have to impregnate into the energy… into this thought that I am going to decree.

How We Create Our Reality?

If we want to change our lives, we have to be more aware that with what we think and feel, we are going to modulate the energy and that is how our reality is created. If you do not like that reality, simply stop thinking as you think, stop feeling how you feel and change, because what you choose to change and do not change, you are choosing either out of fear, custom or comfort. Remember to manifest what you want in your life.

Nothing is isolated from anything and nothing is immobile. Everything moves, energy is always in constant movement, and that is why we are too. Raising energy is a daily job that we must do, yes or no. So it is incredible how we are creating that energetic fabric that is impacting more people. Einstein said that everything is relative and that our reality changes according to the decisions we make.

What I am experiencing today is something I can change because I will change that energy from how I process it, how I assume before myself, how the energy manifests itself according to how I permeate it, and what beliefs I have in my life that are limiting my powerful energy…If that person is successful, I can also achieve it. There is no difference other than how I assume the circumstances I am going through.

I have the ability to impact energy. Everything that exists on this planet, everything that I have around me, I first thought about it, because everything is born in thought for the simple fact that I have the creative power and it is going to manifest in something physical.

Over there I found this text that I want to share with you. I don’t know who the author is, but I will give him his credit:

“I want to explain how we are the most powerful transmission tower in the universe. In other words, all energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Being energy, we also vibrate at a certain frequency, and what determines our frequency at any given moment are our thoughts and feelings. All the things that we desire are also energy, therefore they vibrate. Everything is energy. When we think about what we want and we emit that frequency, we cause the energy of what we want to vibrate at that frequency and we attract it to us! —Ben Johnson—

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