Death is not the end of existence, but a choice.
Penrose-Hameroff theory

The real suffering caused by the death process is not long. It depends on the person, it can last a few minutes, but the fear of dying lasts a lifetime. Death is inevitable. Being clear about it will change the way we conduct ourselves in life regardless of whether or not we practice a religion. In the previous episode, we talked about consciousness. Dr. Jacobo Grinberg said it can’t be defined. We said that consciousness translates our reality, thus defining our existence, but what happens to it after detaching from the physical body?

There are many scientific theories about it, but this next one resonates a little more with the above. The theory of Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff, who formulated this hypothesis, was developed in the 90s and says that consciousness has existed from the beginning of the universe, is processed in the microtubules of cells, and is capable of performing quantum interactions between matter and the universe. The soul is built by more than neurons; it’s built by the very fabric of the universe. In other words, we are the thinking-intelligent matter of the universe. Therefore, when consciousness detaches from the physical body, it does not die or fade away like matter but returns to the quantum universe with which it shares the material of the universe.

Scientists are considering taking very seriously the scientific possibility of spirituality, considering the interconnectedness of living beings and the universe, cosmic wisdom, and the possibility of consciousness remaining outside the body after death. It is worth delving into this theory.

The death experience

Being alive means that our body and our mind are working together. The physical body makes this connection possible because it is what supports our mind and is how consciousness is experienced on this physical plane. When this connection is completely broken, we transcend because the body can no longer support consciousness. From the Buddhist point of view, when this connection is broken, the physical body stays here and ends up dissolving, but the subtle consciousness remains, and together with the karmic conditions that we generate in the present life, allows this subtle consciousness to manifest in a future rebirth.

How is consciousness detached from the physical body? When the internal and external dissolution of the elements in the death process begins (we will talk about this in more depth in another episode).  The death experience would be when the heart stops, the blood stops flowing, the microtubules lose their quantum state, but the quantum information that exists in them cannot be destroyed. It only returns to the universe. Upon death, it returns to this state of quantum entanglement with the rest of the particles in the universe, remaining in quantum space indefinitely. It is said that when you disincarnate from this physical plane, you go to that place where your level of consciousness reaches in your physical body.

Heaven and hell are states of consciousness. That is why the importance of internal work But hey, what happens if they resuscitate the person? This information can return to the microtubules, and then that’s when the patient says he saw a white light or that he floated outside his body. This information exists outside of your physical body. This would be what we call the soul. Information can also return to this physical plane in a new embryo, what we call reincarnation, which we will also talk about later.

Life and death are sacred facts of consciousness.

As the embodied consciousness that we are, we come to this plane with information from past lives, not only from Earth but also from other worlds and dimensions. This route is marked by ourselves, both to and from. That great fabric of the soul carries the record of all existence. If we had the chance to listen to it, we would know about all those experiences that we have lived in the universe, and we would understand that we have many integrated tools that help us to manifest ourselves. We just have to discover ourselves, and when that happens, we begin to BE.

Meditation allows us to immerse ourselves in that great quantum world full of infinite cosmic light and wisdom. Life and death are sacred facts that consciousness uses to integrate into different worlds. This consciousness is eternal, without a vehicle, which at some point will return to its origin.

The fact that there is a beginning and an end is just a concept planted in your mind by society. Energy can’t be destroyed; it never ends; it’s just transformed.


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