Throughout our existence, we have been creating our personality, which we know as our ego. However, if our soul intends to obtain learning during its stay on this plane, how could it achieve this balance?
Ego vs Soul

The ego is the identity that knows all the information that we store throughout our lives, everything that we are and with what we identify: nationality, name, beliefs, etc. All of our unconscious beliefs, which shape how we perceive and interact with the world, are expressed by ego.

It can be argued that this personality, this ego, provides the opportunity to perceive reality through a set of filters that construct the map that enables us to live and grow in this life. Even so, this map is only partially comprehensive because, in accordance with our ego, we have preferences, fashion senses, communication styles, relationships with particular individuals, and methods for setting and attaining goals.

Our ego gives us security, but let’s also remember that the mind acts instinctively to protect it by creating a rejection of anything that threatens it. On the other hand, our soul, which is eternal, keeps a record of our entire existence; it is pure and without any human content. For this reason, the soul does not suffer; it is our ego.  As a result, conflict arises when the ego’s desires clash with those of the soul, which has come to this physical plane to complete a task or gain experience.

The goals of the ego are different from those of the soul.

The soul has the possibility of modifying our lives to be able to take us toward the path that we had chosen to take during this incarnation. If we cannot recognize that we trace that path ourselves (since we are that incarnated soul), we most certainly want to contradict all the things that happen to us without accepting them, letting the ego do what it wants to do, managing to create a great contradiction between our mental and our spiritual parts because, on the one hand, there is the personality that has certain goals and strives to achieve them, and on the other hand, there are the goals of the soul that we can see. as our spiritual personality.

The ego’s goals are different from those of the soul because the ego wants material things, ideal situations, or a good social position. Because the ego seeks out material items, perfect circumstances, or a high social status, its objectives differ from those of the soul. We must not undervalue these goals because they are crucial for achieving overall harmony and for personal fulfillment. What we can do is observe the distinction it makes from the missions or learning-based goals of the soul like learning to forgive, love oneself, and value oneself, letting go of the need to control events and learning to accept them, or detaching.

It’s all about integrating and aligning.

To achieve the highest goal, one should integrate and align goals rather than reject some in favor of others. This can be made easy if we remember that the “target” of forgiving someone else, for instance, is not in conflict with making a million dollars or traveling around the world.

The problem occurs when the goals of the ego or personality are opposed to and do not favor those of the soul at all. If the mission is to learn to love and our goal is to have a lot of money to be able to live isolated from others, we would have a problem. The same applies if we carry out activities that promote hatred and violence. Money is energy that helps to enhance what is in us, so if we are full of grudges and hatred and the mission of the soul is to learn to love, she would be intervening so that we do not have it, but if we learn to love, there would be no reason why having money is something negative, and this will come to us easily.

If we dedicate ourselves to doing the inner work, the outer will always align with ease. It is necessary to clarify that the mission of the soul does not distance us from the material goods that we desire and that we deserve by right. All this tension will end when we remember that we are embodied souls and that we can have abundance in all aspects of this life.

Being important is from the ego, being happy is from the soul.


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