A conscious being is a jewel that helps this universe shine.
Fear is an obstacle.

Accepting what happens to us on this physical plane strengthens us because we are choosing to move forward on the scale of our consciousness. From consciousness, we are at peace. From the mind, we are fear, noise, chaos, a vicious circle of anxiety and resentment, and when we are from our being, from our true essence, we are pure consciousness.

The fears we experience have to do with the very beliefs with which we perceive the world. If I don’t overcome them, I will always fall into that bottomless void. Fear is the biggest obstacle between love and me, between others and me, between my dreams and me, and between conscience and me. If I don’t manage to heal my fears, even if I want to evolve by reading spiritual books, I will fall back into that void.

Our fears are the great obstacles that prevent us from developing, being happy, and being at peace. Suffering is part of life; it is part of my evolution. Suffering is the ticket that gives me access to the next level of consciousness and strengthens me.

Life puts obstacles for us to overcome

I am strong when I knock on the door of suffering and allow myself to enter it to heal my wounds, my traumas, and whatever is necessary to heal myself, being able to transform that pain into learning and peace. Being strong is not coming out unscathed from those external and internal wars; it is falling and getting up without giving up life or love.

As I change, my vision of the world changes, and I begin to notice what I didn’t notice before. Being strong is being able to cut all those chains that tied us for a long time and prevented us from flying.

Life puts obstacles for us to overcome, but if we feel defeated or hurt, we will begin to build a wall so that no one hurts us and thus we will deprive ourselves of this world. No one hurts us, it is oneself that allows us to get out of each battle, how to take it, how to overcome it, when there is acceptance, there is no fight, and you know what is the best part of this? That there is no deadline for me to learn it.

Being conscious involves pain.

Being strong is to stop blaming circumstances and others for what I myself chose. Everyone is my teacher. All circumstances are my lessons.  Being strong is freeing myself from all those dramas that I have created and working with creative solutions that can get me out of the vicious circle of pain in which I am trapped.

No one else will do it for me because what I have to do depends on me and needs me. I cannot get hooked anymore believing that someone is going to bring me a special solution to what happened to me.

The path that each human being chooses to take in this life comes with unique instructions for each individual. Being conscious involves pain because we are facing ourselves, and that is what we often avoid and prefer to remain in ignorance of who we are. Problems exist when one does not know himself.

Free and strong.

Awakening consciousness is an uncomfortable process because it requires us to leave our comfort zone, which is filled with all of our beliefs, and open our minds to new perspectives. In short, it requires us to take responsibility for our own lives because, by taking responsibility, we will be living in the present and conscious of ourselves here and now.

By becoming conscious of ourselves, we become free and strong, because a conscious being does not suffer, is happy and accepts everything as it is, loves life, has peace and wakes up every day wanting to do things.

A conscious being does not feel jealousy, nor does he blame the other or the circumstances. A conscious being lives in the present without the anguish of a future that does not exist, or the depression of a past that has passed. A conscious being keeps the light on that humanity requires to heal and illuminate. For a conscious being, existing consists of changing, in maturing, in creating itself indefinitely.

Only when the mind is free of ideas and beliefs can it act correctly. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

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