Acceptance is the key that opens the exit door to any difficult situation that we are going through, and it is only from there that we can take the next step to face the causes of our suffering.
Acceptance is the first step of change.

Acceptance is the first step in change, because if I want to change something I don’t like, I first have to accept that there is a circumstance that bothers or hurts me. If I deny that circumstance, I will remain blocked in that situation and it will only continue to cause me more discomfort. Acceptance is detachment from the idea that things have to be a certain way, and, in turn, detachment is accepting things as they are.

Every time I accept the circumstances as they are, it is because I am detaching myself from my ideas of what my reality should be… accepting what happens and then consciously deciding what I can do about it.

We must take into account that there are situations we can change and others are impossible because we will not have any control over them, so in situations like this, it is important to change our attitude.

Letting go of control.

If I hold onto the idea that things must happen in a certain way, I will only suffer because I am at odds with reality. Additionally, these ideas are false. Why? Those ideas of wanting to control everything that happens in my life so that I can be happy, and every time life doesn’t give me what I want or takes away my ability to be loved, I have a fear reaction, and those false ideas only serve to shift the blame for my dissatisfaction to the circumstances, and that is the only thing that causes us to be unhappy.

The truth is that there are no culpable parties in any circumstance. The source of my pain has nothing to do with what is happening, but rather with how I am interpreting what is happening, and we mustn’t identify with these ideas.

Take responsibility

We have to take responsibility for our emotions, be it sadness, anger, despair, etc., and be patient with the circumstances, thinking that if I keep fighting with reality, I will live eternally sunk in a depression that will not let me live in peace.

Each act of acceptance has to do with taking responsibility for my reactions, and this brings me closer to my essence, to what I am: love. The lack of acceptance is when I do not take responsibility for what I feel and I do not take that opportunity for my growth, to raise my consciousness and continue to evolve.

Every time we take responsibility for our reactions, we are accepting life as it presents itself, and I am not fighting to change it every moment.

Life is as it is

All human beings have something in common: the desire to live happily without suffering, but our torments make us resist accepting reality because we do not want to face pain without thinking that the more I escape from the pain, the more I am going to get sick, and the pain is only a symptom, like when something hurts us physically and we have to take care of it to heal and continue.

Pain is something inevitable and suffering is part of our evolution, and from acceptance we can take the next step and face the causes that generate it.

Life is as it is, as simple as that. Life is what happens while we insist on doing other things, as John Lennon said.  Life doesn’t have to be a certain way, it just is. The ego is the one who insists on making me believe that my ideas are real, blinding me with fear and ignorance of who I am, and every time I believe my ideas, I make my ego empower itself, turning me into just a target where everything around me will affect me because the ego goes against acceptance.

On the other hand, if I accept my reality, the ego disappears. That implies putting aside its opinions and beliefs about it since that only feeds it.

Acceptance does not have to represent renunciation, abandonment, or resignation. It is a personal strength. It is the flexibility and ability to adapt to a reality that we cannot control, helping us to improve our emotional well-being, to learn from it and from ourselves. From there, we can discover our resources, improve them, and transform them to become more resilient beings.

Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance. – Buddha

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